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I've ditched a lot of casual acquaintences I've just met that decided to follow me around some. Like one is sitting on a chair with one or more strangers on a big powder day and people are talking up what they've been skiing, what they've seen, and where they will be going down next. I know my home mountain well especially many hard to reach traverses, shots below awkward steep rock, and dense trees. So we'll go out to those places and many times the other person simply can't cope. I'll steal a look behind and watch them pull up while continuing to enjoy my own bouncing down the slope. If they manage to sync up with me at the bottom, fine, I'm game to ride up the lift and ski another run with them. Will I wait? Sure if its a nice looking gal, haha. But otherwise am more interested in my own skiing versus skiing with a pack of others. Then there are others, especially those that prefer to ski in packs that tend to ski much faster and are not apt to seek out clean lines but rather just blast down through easy to reach cut up. I'll immediately size up our styles won't work together for more than single runs when we are coincidently at the top of a run at the same time. Now there are a few people I've known a long time and know their powder style and skills so even if we don't take the same route down, can arrange to link up by simply stating what lift they will be taking next. If I wait a few minutes and they don't show, I figure they took another lift or blew up in the snow and are dealing putting their skis and gear back on. So will likely go back to solo. ---dave
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It depends on how you define ditch in this case. Under no circumstances would I leave someone behind during a run. This may be a habit from scuba or the military, but I just don't leave someone behind on a run.

That said, my experience is that it usually becomes pretty obvious when someone can't keep up with me or I can't keep up with them. I find that folks generally want to ski at their comfortable pace and we end up separating between runs. The only exception to this rule is my wife. She is a strong skier, but not a burner and I typically ski half of a run and wait for her. I'm smart enough (barely) to realize that ditching my wife can only end badly for me.

I used to have to wait for my kids also, but I'm afraid they are overtaking me as skiers.

I don't mean to derail this thread but I'll say this: Skiing is the best family sport.
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Ever ditch someone in the POW?

I never ditched anyone OB during a run, but have ditched them at the bottom when I knew they were safe. If in a resort on trail, I follow the 30 second rule, if they're not at the lift in 30 seconds, they're ditched. 60 seconds for my wife.
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As John Egan says.

"What's the best way to ski powder?"

"Firrrssssstttttt......." (to be said with a long echo as they ski of.)
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I did it, it didnt manage to ditch my friend at Jay yesterday. 9"+ in the trees and i was the nice guy and waited for her. I didnt ditch her, despite i wanted to. I didnt want to ski alone, because it gets boring.

im proud of myself
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I ditch and have no regrets.....

I find that if I have someone tagging along that we usually aren't thinking the same way. Thus the runs that we are exploring, and where we eventually want to go are quite different. I am not restricted on having to wait for anyone, and vice versa. They usaually end up meeting me in the parking lot at the end of the day.
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Yes....and that's all I'm saying.
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I'm not sure if we ditch, or if it is more like we mutually get lost together.

It snows, stuff happens.

See you at the car....
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Ditch mates who don't want to come ski powder of course!
Ditch mates who take a long lazy lunch yes!
Ditch mates in the morning to get to the mountain yes!

Ditch someone on a run- no. This year skiing with an equally experienced friend through some fresh powder and I went down first. He went but somehow managed to fall on his back... "Ah my back" two words you never want to hear. Luckily he was fine but never leave a man behind and always be open to helping others...(least thats my motto)

People who are tagging along with their own groups - well yeh its not really ditching though is it, just splitting paths!
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