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Week In Colorado 2/25-3/3

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Last year my wife took me to Utah for my 30th bday and we hit all of the PC resorts, Alta, and Snowbasin.

This year my wife is 30 and she wants me to take her away. We just moved to SC in November so we have not even skied this year. We may hit up some small hills in NC with our slaloms just to break the boots back in.

While driving around Utah was fun, I think I want to stick to one resort for this vacation to be more relaxing.

I guess my criteria would be:
Trails that range from blue/black cruisers, bumps, trees, and some double blacks
Shuttle distance from airport
Walking or short shuttle to slopes
Some nightlife with food and shops
Spa or jacuzzi to loosen up

My wife has always wanted to go to BeaverCreek which I think might fit all of my criteria.

Telll me what you think.
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Originally Posted by Scalce View Post
My wife has always wanted to go to BeaverCreek which I think might fit all of my criteria.
I'm biased because I love the Vail/Beaver Creek Resorts, but that would be my recommendation for spending an entire week in one spot and skiing the terrain you mentioned above. There's not a ton of extreme terrain at either, but certainly enough to challenge you just the same.

Both of these resorts are close enough to one another to easily shuttle back and forth for a day or so if you desire, and they ski off of the same ticket.

As to just Beaver Creek, I'm not sure there's enough terrain to keep you busy for a whole week. There certainly is at Vail though, so we lodge at Vail and ski Beaver Creek for a couple days each trip. Obviously you could do just the opposite just as easy.

Both the Beaver Creek and Vail Villages offer an almost unlimited amount of dining and nightlife choices.
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I second the BC idea. The village is awesome, and the mountain is great too. Powder days at BC last three days. As mentioned, you can also ski Vail quite easily (on the same ticket, and only 5 miles away). I would personally stay in Beaver Creek, since I like their village better, and then shuttle to Vail if you wanted to ski there for a day.

The other option is Aspen, which would be an awesome week as well. You could stay in town and walk everywhere. 4 resorts in the same town, with plenty of terrain to choose from. You can't go wrong at either place, IMO.
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Vail/Beaver Creek area without a doubt. More terrain at Vail than you can shake a stick at. You won't even be able to ski everything in a week. Plus, if you get a decent dump (very likely in a week's time) the back bowls at Vail rival skiing anywhere in the world.
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Well since on mountain lodging is pretty expensive and so are the airport shuttles, maybe we should stay off mountain and rent a car.

They also offer the 5 mountain lift ticket.

How far is Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, or Araphoe Basin from a hotel close to BC?

I don't mind driving to the slopes and booting up in a lodge.

Ski in/Ski out is crap somethimes anyway.

Any hotel suggestions?

It's just me and my wife.
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I own a Marriott timeshare in Vail, so I don't have a specific hotel recommendation. I think you'll find most off-hill lodging at both BC and Vail have shuttles that take you to the resorts. There are many choices off hill at varying price ranges and quality. I know there's a Comfort Suites near BC (Avon, I think), that a friend of mine stays in when he goes out that way and it seems to serve him well

Breck, Keystone and A-Basin are within 35-45 minutes of Vail. It's an easy ride east on I-70.
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An affordable off-resort place I’ve stayed in Vail each of the past two years is a place called Evergreen Lodge I believe. Not a bad place, clean. Sports bar, restaurant, spa, easy walk to free shuttles, etc.

Another alternative is Copper. Staying there is more central to other resorts allowing you to ski Copper plus spend many days skiing at Vail/BC but you could also consider hitting other local resorts such as Keystone, Breckenridge, Loveland, Arapahoe, etc if you want maximum variety.

Save a few extra dollars and stay any place in Frisco right off of I70 rather than at a resort…an option I’ve chosen before.

If you end up purchasing a multi-day ticket (Vail, BC, Breck, Keystone), I’ve saved $$ purchasing those tickets before getting to the resorts. Last year we purchased at a grocery store (King Supers at Idaho Springs right off the I70 exit I believe) on the way up to the resorts. Hopefully those discounts are still available but call around first.
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If you stay at Vail and decide to ski Breck, Keystone, or Copper besides's no problem b/c any one of these is within a 30-40 minute drive. Beaver creek is 10 minutes west of Vail so again...definitely doable. For lift tickets, either convince somebody at Vail with a season pass to get you a buddy pass ($40)...maybe tip them $10...or else you are paying $85 (I think) for an all-day pass. Also, for cheap tickets at Breck, Keystone, etc...go to the grocery stores is Frisco and you should find some much cheaper than buying them on the slopes. Plus, you don't have to wait in the long-ass line.
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