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E Bay sellers?

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On Ebay, who is a good seller, bad seller. I'm thinking about buying skis and don't want to get burned. Anyone deal deal with Sport Liquidators or Helmssport?

Thanks for your time.
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look at the seller feedback?
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Bought some Legend Pros from Sports Liquidator last season. Got exactly what they advertised, new prior year skis in wrap and they shipped quickly.
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Bargain--sports on ebay.
Got a previous year New pair of Lange Comp 120's for $98 shipped.
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I've had good luck with Sport Liquidators as well.
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Just received my Karma's from Sport Liquidators on Monday, purchased them last Wednesday night. Nobody had the Karma's locally, and SL were $150 less than the online retailers (Al's, Backcountry.com). Good experience.
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I have bought a number of items from ebay including many pairs of skis and sold a few as well. The vast majority of sellers and buyers are legitimate people and I have actually met a few very very nice people through ebay. Ebay is easy to use, but you can make mistakes and get into trouble if you don't know what your doing. I think as a new buyer using the system it is important to take your time to understand how the site works, what the different terms mean and what you can expect. Read ebay's policies and security info in detail so you know what you can expect from the seller and what you need to do as a buyer. Read the full terms of the auctions you are interested in, ask questions if you are unsure of details. That should get you started.
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Before you jump to eBay, you might want to consider some of the great deals that are posted on Epic Ski. I've gotten great deals from Sierra Jim and Ptex1, who both operate out of real ski shops and have offered super deals to forum members.

I've sometimes been concerned about listings by individuals who are selling an almost brand new pair of skis on eBay, purportedly only skied for 1 or 2 days. I wonder how hot they are. I don't think this is a concern with the ski liquidators or other shops that sell on eBay. Feedback rating is the guide to use.
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You can always view my gear on ebay stores.ebay.com/skiproshoponline I am a little behind on my auctions, but I just finished some AMAZING deals on 2007 K2 skis (sold out of them real fast, sorry).

I also come across a lot of harder to find World Cup race stock from companies.

And I have over 800 transaction with only 2 negatives (which hapened about 6 months before I took over the online department here, 100% perfect since my arrival in September, Not bad for a kid that used to work at Cupolo's eh )

*But as stated and to add something to this thread besides a little free advertising, Ebay is great for finding deals, and the always make sure to check out the sellers feedback before you purchase.


Matty C
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