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Ischgl ski trip

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Went to Ischgl this January, what can I say amazing ski resort! 160 miles of groomers lots of areas to explore, I've been skiing there for 8 days and still didn't visit every valley! Half of the tracks are located in Switzerland, you ski there and you never know where you are in Austria or in Switzerland, they actually have a duty free village where they accept both Euros and Swiss Franks (a bottle of vodka - 6 Euros which is about 9 bux), I actually bought a bottle of vodka and put it in my camelbak, skied with the prize the whole day

Brought my own equipment there SX:B5s in 174 and Salomon Xwave 10s 27.5 (street shoe size is 28.5).
My Salomon's were brand new and I have a VERY wide foot which is about 4.5 inches across in the widest spot so obviously for the first two days my foot was cramping up and giving me lots of pain. I went to a ski shop and boot fitter was amazed at how I was able to skiing in those boots with such a wide foot. Not knowing much about ski boots I wanted them to make me a custom insole hoping that that will relieve the pain, but the bootfitter was very honest and told me first of all they need to widen the boots and that I might not need a custom insole. For just 20 euros they widened my boot overnight with some kind of wooden wedges and the next day a new world of skiing opened up to me, the difference was simply amazing!

As for the Atomic SX:B5, after the first 15 min I fell in love with them. At first you have to get used to them because if you don't ski them properly they kick a little, but after that initial time to let your legs get used to them I do not want to ski on anything else ever again! With SXs I had total confidence that wherever I go they will hold me!(unless its something resembling a skating ring of course) I want to add though that I did kill one of the skis there, with my luck I guess I found a stone in a high speed turn and here is the result:

This happened on the day before my last one so on the last day just to try them out I rented a pair of Metron B5s. Maybe because my legs were already used to the SXs, even though Metrons are good skis, you can't ski them anywhere as aggressively as SXs. Metron's to be fair are amazing for slower speed carving, a very good ski overall. One of my friend's who I advised to rent Metrons from the first day had only excellent things to say about Metron B5s, but as for me while skiing on Metron's I was wishing for SXs....
As a tribute to how much I liked SX:B5s, when I came back home I bought another pair of identical SX:B5s, so now I have a spare in case I total another ski.
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Thanks for the TR about Ishgl!

I'm headed to the Salzburger Ski Amade (Flachau/Altenmarkt/Wagrain/St. Johann im Pongau) in mid-February. They are lower in elevation than Ishgl, but the snow and temperatures have started falling in earnest this week, so there's hope that the cover will be decent.

But Ishgl is certainly within reason if the snow continues to be hit-or-miss.
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