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2007 Stockli Laser Cross Pro first full day !!

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Last year I had a chance to demo this ski and it was fun but the snow was not so great . This year I have a pair in the 177cm with the R17 plate , salomon S914 FIS 26.3 bindings , factory tune ( soon to change to 1 degree base/3 side .

First impression : this ski was not hard to ski at all and loves to carve . I found it has great pull across the hill and stays really glued to the snow with not one hint of wanting to break free . You really don't notice how stiff they are until you try them in soft snow and then it becomes evident but not as bad as I expected .
I was a little unsure about doint the 17mm lifter and the 26.3 fis bindings but they sure are easy to lay over -yet still track very straight .
I guess I dont need to mention that they are pretty damp as well . I would rate them above the XL offroad and the superspeeds at this point .
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Could you provide more of a detailed cross comparison to the other skis you've ridden?
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Cross -vs-XL Offroad : The cross Pro is easier to turn for sure and carves better but the tail does tend to hold you in just a bit more . The stormrider handled soft snow better but seemed harder to pilot. ( XL 184 Cm . Cross Pro 177 )

Cross Pro -VS - Superspeed : The Superspeeds were much easier to initiate the turn but did not want to track in a straight line . Cross Pro is by far faster and the transition from turn to turn was much smoother . SS 175 Cm, Cross Pro 177)

Cross Pro Vs P50 Gs . The cross Pro seems a little harder to ski than the volkl but still wins in terms of smoothness in the turn and speed . 188 P50

Original Cross Pro Vs 07 Cross Pro : Original Cross Pro was quicker edge to edge but not as forgiving if you get back on the tail . The new ski seems to pull across the fall line better and it was smooth from tip to tail - no matter if you were to get back on the tail a little or not . Where the old ski seems to get hard to pilot if you play around with the tail the new ski just keeps driving forward . I still like the 07 better for an all around ski - the old ski feels much more like a race ski only where the new ski feels like and all mountain ski at slow speeds and a race ski at speed ( the best of both worlds )

Cross Pro Vs Volkl G4 : really cant compare them

Cross Pro Vs SS Pro ( stockli ) too far apart to compare

Cross Pro Vs the laser GS or SC : I would put the original cross Pro closer to the SC in terms or how it turns and none of them in the same area as the Laser GS - the laser GS was just a point and shoot ski that had me way out of my comfort zone and loving every turn . SC 178 Cm, laser GS 186 Cm

Cross Pro Vs volkl 6 star, 5 star or allstar : cross pro is more of a race ski than those but the new ski does pivot pretty well or I should say allow you to skid your turns and relax some .

Hope that helps Noodler : now it's time to spend some money on a great boot shop .

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Gator, I am also a Stockli skiier, and own the '05 Offroad XL in 184 and 174, '05 Cross Pro 180, and '04 SL 161. I just picked up the 177 Cross Pro II and am preparing for some days at Gore Mountain NY. The tip seems more supple but the tail stiffer than the CP I. How have your impressions of the CP II evolved since your last post? Thx
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I have not had the chance to ski them much this year - maybe 5 days but they do grow on you very fast . I do not find them demanding in the sense of warp speed all the time . Although the old CP was 67 under foot the new ski is still pretty quick edge to edge and I love the way it rounds out the turns . I plan on getting a few more days in at Abasin before the season is over but I think you will love the CPs .
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