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Atomic Metron Confusion

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new to the site but have been reading all the discussion about the M11's and the B5's and the M11:B5's... i thought i got it, but not so much anymore. I demo'd M11: B5's. They were blue. They were awesome. I know that there are B5's and that they are red. The world made sense.

Now in the past 24-48 hours I see on e-bay (and in one of these posts- http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...081#post512081) B5's that are M:11 but don't say M:11 and are yellow. "B5 Premium" All the same dimensions as the M:11-B5's yet they are nowhere on Atomic's website. what's up with that?

And, why do most places have the normal blue M11:B5's that are 124-76-108 with flat black plastic cap over their tails and a few places (i.e. http://www.larryadler.com/Ski_Store/...ing_2007.c fm) have the M11:B5's as not blue but gray (and the color is actually different) with a rounded tail and different sidecut dimensions yet they are also nowhere on the Atomic site, even if you pretend you're from Australia or England. (the yellow B5 premiums also have this same rounded tail shape)

I see some of you were recently at Atomic demo days. can anyone shed some light on this. I understand model numbers and dimensions get confusing, but again, nothing in the Atomic website says these skies even exist.

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after looking at some timestamps, let me clarify that the yellow ones just popped up on e-bay in the last 48 hours..... i guess one of the members has had them at least since last June... even more confused now, though, because one would think Atomic would have updated their site for winter
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it's probably as simple as this year/last year/next year model stuff. The Atomic cognoscenti amongst us can confirm/deny.

If I were gaperrific enough I would suggest Atomic is doing this intentionally so as to swindle you out of your money somehow, although I don't think so
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How thick are the edges?
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Probably different year model paint schemes.
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I was under the impression the M11:B5's were new for '06/'07, leaving there not enough years to justify 2-3 different colors schemes... do companies release updates mid-season?
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negative on this the shop I demoed at said they have changed the 11 from last year ergo they have been around before. Maybe this was not a B5:11 he was referring to. I think the difference is that previous years 11 were not beta 5 (B5) technology, they were B4.
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The 06/07 M11:B5 has a more relaxed sidecut than the 05/06 model (which is just called "M11") which has the same sidecut as the 05/06 B5. Beats me on the color.
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There IS a B5 Premium that IS gold. Same ski, just different colors.
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