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What's A Teen To Do?????

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Planning a trip to Park City (not sure where we are staying yet, either PC area or The Canyons) and will travel with 3 teens (19, 16 & 13). What is there to do other than tire themselves out skiing?

Is it safe (not that I am paranoid) for them to walk around town in the evening without adult supervision? Is there anything "special" that they can do - games rooms, teen events etc?

Just thought that I would ask the group...as there seems to be a wide spectrum of advice here. Thanks in advance
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Park City is very safe for teens and Adults. Let me ask you will Park City be safe from your teens without adult suppervision? There are some game rooms at the resorts. Nothing like that on Main St. that i know of. There are some shops they would like , Like The Quicksilver store. Main St is great for people watching. The Free Bus system will let them get around town with out Mom and Dad being a taxi service. You can send them out for pizza while You go to one of the Better places to eat. Others who have teens can clue you in on more of what there is for Teenagers to do in Park City.
Everything in Park city is pretty close. From the Canyons you will only be about 10 mins to Main St by Bus or your car.
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They are not walking around much if you plan on staying out at the Canyons. Old Town is far more convenient for walking. Though the transit system is top notch and fairly expansive (and free).

As for activities, check out the chamber of commerce website parkcityinfo.com. You and they will have a blast.
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