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Begginer looks for ski edge tuning EQUIPMENT

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This is my first post.

Anyways, I am looking to buy edge tuning equipment for my skis, but I have no clue what to look for.

I AM VERY PRICE Conciancious and I am looking for the best deals.

I have been lookin around "A LOT" and I am still very confused.

What angel do I want? I ski black diamond all the time and ski the north east, which I call ICE SKIING, so I want a VERY SHARP SKI, but I don't know what angle I am suppose to want, I think I want 89 degress.

How many stones do I need.
I know I need one before I start shapening,
I don't know how many different stones I need when actually shapening
I know I need one after and I need another to polish?

Please help.


I came across this
there was a $12.00 tool and I thought I could buy three stones to go with it.

Or since I have NOTHING,
I saw a deluxe ski tuning kit from racewax.com

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You may want to post this in the tuning section.

I started tuning my own gear two seasons ago and started with the Beast pro tune package which is a great starting point and comes with an informative DVD. I've added some gear to my tool box since that time but still use most of the stuff I got in that kit.

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First, welcome.

The tuning kits at racewax.com are a good way to start out. The tools are good quality and Dr. D will answer any questions that aren't already covered in the extensive tuning FAQs on the racewax.com website.

But FYI, the kits include wax, p-tex, scrapers - for base work, not just edges. If all you want to do is edges and you're cost sensitive just get one of the multi-tool edge and base bevel guides from racewax.com (SKU 1329 or 1301), which come with a file. The cheaper guide gives you only 1 or 2 degree settings, the extra $12 for the pricier one gets up to 5 degrees in .5 degree increments.

I followed advice from a lot of people here and tune at 1 degree base and 3 degree side on ALL my skis now. Great edge grip on eastern hardpack (ice).

You should also get a couple of 70mm DMT diamond stones (SKU 1309 (blue 325 grit) or 1308 (black 220 grit), and a 1310 (red 600 grit)). You don't want to overuse the file, and after you do use it, it's good to use diamond stones to smooth things out.
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I assume you are asking about the angle of your ski edges not the angel. The factory specification is going to depend on the brand and maybe the model of ski. If you do not know it then you can either contact the manufacture, do a search or do as some suggest just start with 1 degree base and 3 degree side. The side and base can vary depending on the type of skiing you do also- racers or east coast ice is different than a west coast powder skier in the way they like their skis.

So school one is if you are happy with the way your skis perform now as far as angle set up then you can order tools to duplicate those angles (if you have had a shop grind and tune them, ask them what they used!) Otherwise you can get the tools for a specific degree and stay with that after understanding what the process is for setting and maintaining those set angles.

Also as far as the tools, you can start out slowly- a brush, a scraper, an iron, some wax, and a few items to handle the edges- maybe 2 diamond stones (something medium or so) and a finer one, a stone- Arkansas or standard sharpening stone, and then add stuff like a file and edge guide as you build up some more cash reserves in the tuning area. Or if you have the money and want to get everything then shop around the various sites like Racewax.com, Tognar, Artechski, Reliable Racing, Race-werks, etc. Each will have some items that are a little different or slightly different manufacturer that do the same things. Another good site besides this one is the technical articles on the Holmenkol USA web site.

Many will also state that all you need to worry about is the side edge guide or a tool that will sharpen the side edge and the base angle will not be changed. If there is a problem with the bases, then you take them to a good shop and have a base grind done on them. Others will state that you do not need a base grind and you can do everything from touching up the side and base edges with the diamond stones and a file if needed for the sides.

Read up on sites like the wax sites on the process, but remember there are different ways and tool orders and processes that end up with the same results clean sharp edges for skiing. (some use base cleaners, others only use a hot wax to clean the bases, some use diamond stones and rarely file, others use a sharpening stone and file more often, etc.)
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Thanks for the input.

I use to race 20 years ago, I use to wax and file my own skis. But then I only used a file, now I am seeing all these specialized tools for filing.

I am an agressive skier who does a lot of ICE SKIING being from the north east.

I think I will go with 1degree on the base and 3 degrees on the side.

I was hopping that I would hear what you like to use, what is your favorate EDGE TUNNER, what brand, ect...

I want to buy a all inclusive kit. I have the money, tecnically, but I don't want to waist it.

I am leaning towards this:

But I am waiting for a little bit more input.

Thanks again.
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