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Yeah! What Todd said!
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The same goes to you Robin.

Mary, If you are ever in the SLC area the Linken guys have tons to try out. Ask on the ttips board ahead of time and they will loan you some. I think if you tried them you would be pleasantly surprised. If touring is a big concern for you, Linken also has a new model in the works. All of the parts have been shaved, and the overall weight is down significantly. Another addition is a dual height climbing bar instead of the single that comes stock. The shims are also a bit lighter because you would want to run the 25mm instead of the 36mm.... I guess that I had forgetten that Mitch likes the HH, I know he is a big Linken fas as well.
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If one doesn't know somebody - but tells them that they can do something better than them . . . not knowing if they are beginners, or former FIS rated skiers . . . than that person to make such a challenge must assume they are better than *everybody*!!! Well, though unlikely - its certainly theoretically possible! But its irrelevant anyways, we are all happier when not dealing with folks puffing themselves up. Who cares how skilled or unskilled anybody here is, we are here to talk about what we love to do. And share information!
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I assume that you are talking about me. If you could read Todd, you might notice that I spew technically relivant information all over the place.
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Its all clear now MT, thanks!
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Just to clarify,

I don't "carve" in the sense of laying fat ruts on corduroy. I am a former racer and can carve anything from a 210 GS racer to a 225 DH board. I was never much for slalom, definitely more on the side of fast than quick. I have never alpine skiied on new style skiis.

I don't ski bumps unless they are in the way.

I do ski some tight chutes, but never have had a problem with getting a longer ski around.

I do ski powder and alot of crud and variable terrain.

I like to jump and drop cliffs.

At 6'2, 225#, when i come off a 20' drop, i am moving at a phenomenal rate of speed (Galileo be damned!) and need a long fat ski for stability while getting things back together. My usual solution to a sketchy situation is to point it. After a season on my G41's, there can't be a better ski FOR ME. And that is the important part, skiis are a very personal decision, what may be best for MT or myself may not be the best for Pierre eh! or Roto (though i am amazed to see a 6'5 guy recommending 180's). I have a friend here who is 5'4 maybe, usually either skiis his 198 G41's, his 200 Iggy's, or his 200 AK Rockets. But in a bit of self deprecating humor, he does have stickers of Napoleon on a battle horse on the tips of the Rockets. After looking around, I think i will definitely get another pair of G41's. I was hoping to hear some positive comments about the Stockli Asteroids, because with Iggy gone, i don't think anyone makes a 200+cm fat ski. I have heard good things about the 10ex, but i tend to pull bindings from foam core skiis (tele binders, but it leaves me a bit leary of them).

OK, enough about the skiis, talk to me about boots.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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I had (still have them) some 11.2 FX Extreme K2's. A bump ski, high speed stability, but they would sink like a rock in the heavy stuff. The first time on my Mod X's (and obviously han't changed anything in my style)I knew my problem with heavy, controling snow. I found some (easy to do on Mt. Hood)and after waiting, worrying about it for 1/2 a minute I jumped into the stuff. I was frightened to death, knowing I'd blow it. What happened next astounded me. upon my first turn those Mod's carried me through like a hot knife through butter!
Next couple of weeks I worked on balance, etc. I am sure with my old skis the results would have been different hap I worked on balance with them more, but the Mod's helped me do this with much less physical effort.
I'm only 5'4", my Mod's are 174's. I love the control, but perhpas I should have gone with the 181's or a bit longer. I do feel comfortable with these, however. Longer=higher speed stability but larger radius turns(?); shorter= lower speed stability but shorter radius turns? It's all what you're going after? Is this still basically true?

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I like dropping 20s too. Haven't done that on the 180s. Though if I don't stick it on the 193s its no better than if I didn't stick it on something else so far. Getting to know the new gear requires some adjustments from what worked best on trad. gear if you want to get the full benefit. I must admit though, stomping one foot through long fat arcs and cranking a decent hip angle works damn well on the big mtn boards when the going gets wierd.

Just in case you are interested, the Monster Cross is stiffer than many 'powder oriented' big boards. I haven't skied any Stocklis which people seem to rave about since the advent of shapes (Stockli wet for the shape thing late in comparison to some others).

Again don't take my word for it. I didn't take anyone else's word. I discovered it for myself. Sometimes when I think about it I question recommending 180s (specifically the Monster Cross). Then I think real hard about skiing them and the question fades...

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Pierre, are the linkens really that good??

i'm always a bit leary of the new designs until they are proven for a couple years. I do tend to break things.

I've been on the G3 targa for two seasons now and haven't broken one yet, longest life span any tele binding has had under my foot.

I am looking to go to alpine gear mainly for easier skiing (not so much quad required) and more control at speed. Even with the new fat skiis, tele's still require a bit more finesse. For a test last year, my first soft day on my G41's i straighlined a groomer to get some speed, then stood only on my outside ski and carved an alpine turn into cut powder. Ordinarily this would have been a fatal move with a tele binding, but the ski just continued to arc like i hadn't even left the groomed. The G41 more or less makes telemark turns obsolete, so i just wanted the full experience.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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The last week of the season I skied 5 times at Big Sky. There was a guy on Stockli Asteroids that flew through the powder and crud skiing faster everyone down the face of the Challenger chair. I never saw him do any short, quick turns.

I road up the chair a few times with him quizzing him on the skis and he loved them. He was one of the older coaches for the race program at Big Sky and said he had over 100 days on them. He characterized the ski as big & beefy but with a lot of side cut so you could turn them. Of course, this guy had great technique so I assume he could turn anything. He had been demoing next years skis and was planning on getting the Stockli Asteroids again.
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