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marker bindings...

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looking at buying some new skis... the deal is $450 w/ marker piston 1300 bindings already mounted, or $300 w/out bindings. i've some rossi axial 120 bindings w/ t-plate that are just layin around. what would you do: seperate the skis and bindings and mount my rossi's on there? or keep 'em together and save the rossi's for somethin else?

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Go for the makers. That sounds like a pretty good deal and it's hard to sell old skis without the bindings on them.
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I like the Rossi 120 with the plate, have two pair myself. I also hate Marker bindings, never had luck with them, not saying that you wouldn't. I'd opt for the ski alone, plug the holes and mount the Rossis. Just my opinion.
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A $150.00 is a very good price for an almost top of the line Marker binding with the latest technology.
Go for it.
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Being the cheap skate that I am...buy the skis with out the markers and use your own bindings. That $150 can go to more stuff. I have the same Rossi axial 120 with the plate. I love them. I've never pre-released.

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The new Markers are great, though. They have a silky smooth release, even at weird angles. It's great.
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What skis are they going on??
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