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Stupid width question

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I wonder what width of a ski has to do with edge hold. I mean and edge is and edge is an edge. Does a wider ski have less ability to hold an edge because it is harder to tip it over as far? Or is it just edge to edge quickness that suffers? And how would a skier feel the difference between say a 94mm at the waist ski vs, an 80mm ski?
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Boy you like wide skis, 94 and 80mm. I think the internal make up of the ski has more to do with edge hold.

I don't think there is much difference between my 82mm waist AC4 and my old 70mm waist AX3. Last week I demoed the Salomon GC, low 70's waist. I enjoyed it an would say it had great edge hold. I do feel the AC4 is more versatile.

Like most things it's a trade off.
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Not a stupid question; complicated and previously discussed here. An edge is an edge etc. but as you surmise, the width of the waist will alter the leverage force required to put/hold the ski on edge, and also the speed - at a given force - with which you can shift angles/change edges. Practically speaking, it's harder work to achieve a serious edge angle on groomed with a fat ski, and we tend to scarve them.

On soft stuff, it's a bit different because the base of the ski is not confined to a single plane along which it pushes and rebounds, so it's easier to bend the ski, but of course you're not really "carving" as the term is generally used.

Either way, it's more about the angles created by the ski than the edge per se.
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Actually I have boards that are 67mm and some PR's which are 94mm I think? I was wondering because someone mentioned lack of edge hold on wide skis in the back country forum.
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The narrower the ski, the more the edge is under your foot. Yes some fat skis carve just fine due to their construction, but racers don't ride fat skis. It's also a balance thing. Ice skates are easier to skate on because of the location of the blade.

A binding-lifter will place the edge more under foot when laid over at an angle too, this is why FIS has lifter restrictions, and why I love lift.
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I think a lot of the loss of edge hold that people describe with fat skis comes from a fat ski's tendency to be much torsionally softer than a carving ski. Sure, there are some very stiff fat skis (Supermojo, B-Squad, etc) but those are so stiff that you're going to be hard-pressed to be able to make small enough turns to get to the point where they will twist out of a carve. I notice with my Big Troubles that if I let the ski turn on its preferred radius that they will hold an edge on anything my GS skis will- but if I crank down on them and really try to muscle out some small turrns with high edge angles, they're prone to sliding out and leaving me on my hip. That's fine by me, though- I'm a big turn sort of guy.
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width has nothing to do with edge hold, edgo hold has to do with the construction of the ski. My skinny skis which are admitadly park skis which have never been tuned will not hold an edge like my fatter skis do.
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My skis don't hold an edge if I don't sharpen them either.
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