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Hi all,
First time poster, long time lurker. This is a great sight and enjoy
it thoroughly. I'm an older skier (did I say that?), I can ski, raced, ski bummed, have taught and been exposed to PSIA etc.. I took a few years off to do other things in the winter but have started back up again. These shape skis are very nice! My old quiver that is in a landfill somewhere consisted of +200cm pencil skis. Never really had to much problem turning the old stuff but this new stuff is pretty nice. I purchased a pair of 06 Volkl AC4 and Dynastar Contact 11 St's. Like em both. Of course I purchased new boots, 05 Technica Diablo 110's and am trying to get them sorted and am having some problems. They have a deserved reputation for to much forward lean. I find they ski great on the groomers but I am getting pushed back when I venture into the woods or ski bumps etc. I feel like I'm hanging on my toes, my knees are sore and my legs are packing up way to early. My calf muscles are real sore from constantly pushing on the backs to get forward or maybe I could blow out the spoiler a little to help with this but I really think this boot has to much forward lean. What do you guys think about straightening the cuff a bit by grinding the cuff bottom. I was thinking of taking .05" off the cuff which I think will give me about 2 degrees of relief. I'll then elongate bolt holes that tie the boot and cuff together to get everything back together tight.
Can't do much with the footboard, I bought the boot pretty snug and there is not allot of room to add shims. Has anyone tried this on this boot and if so how much did you remove from the cuff and what problems where encountered??

Thanks for listening,
Looking forward to the responses!