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Information about MONTANA??

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I'm moving to Park City, Montana next fall. I'll be staying with some relatives, and I'll be going to high school in Billings.
I know that I've asked you guys before, but could anybody give me any information on which schools I can apply too, if there is a lot of parties there, which ski resorts to go to, etc. etc. etc......
I'll be happy for any kind of info you can share with me [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, if you'll be going to highschool in Park City, you'll be closest to Red Lodge, otherwise known as Rock Dodge. Generally speaking, Red Lodge has a lot of rocks on the surface whether they have a good snow year or not. Its ok skiing though considering its an hour or less from Park City. If you want to go to college in Montana, in my opinion you have two main choices. You can choose MSU in Bozeman, or UofM in Missoula. I personnaly think the skiing around Bozeman is better because of its proximity to Bridger Bowl (15 miles), and Big Sky (about 49 miles). Big Sky is slowly coming along with their terrain park and half pipe. The half pipe was actually pretty good last year when they would run the dragon through it, but they seemed to only do that about every other week. Briger doesn't have a terrain park or half pipe, but they do have some sick skiing if you are willing to hike. Gonzostrike can telling you a lot more about the skiing around Missoula as he is a local to that area. As far as the party scene for each town, in my opinion, Missoula seems to be a little more laid back consisting of more hippies, and Bozeman has a few more cowboys. I think of Missoula as a nice place to visit on the weekends, but would rather live in Bozeman. Don't get me wrong, Bozeman has its share of hippies and parties too, but if you are looking to just party I would recommend Missoula. If you want to be close to some sick skiing with parties on the side I would go with Bozeman. I actually just tranfered from Bozeman, because I spent a little too much time skiing and not enough time studying. Good Luck!
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The link below has E-mails for the Silver Run (Red Lodge) and Rocky Mountain College (Billings) Alpine Race teams. Get the names of the local freestyle coach(s)from the race teams (if there is a local freestyle team). They could probably give you the E-mail (or phone numbers) of somebody your age to talk to about the area.
I knew some climber/snowboarder/hippie freaks from Laurel MT. which is right by Park City. So there are probably some cool kids there.
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