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Fires in OZ

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Yeah - 5cm at Hotham/Falls [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'd love to turn - but I fear that 5cm on no base would not be a good proposition.

Pity we didn't get that back in Oct/Nov when there was still a good base out back of Thredbo..

Oh well 180 or so days until next season...
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Hey Oz - aren't you just about due to be man NOT from OZ?
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I was devastated to see the Home and Away set was badly damaged. Life will never be the same in Summer Bay.
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I am feeling for you all. Sounds all to familiar.

I did see on the news however that hundreds of women were going to do a naked rain dance though, perhaps that will help.
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Fires in OZ

We have some more bad fire action happening up in New South Wales.

Ant, gerathlete, Oz - are you guys all well away from the action?
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We are all fine on the Central Coast. Smokey thats for sure but as the wind has now abated and the temps are down the main northern fire front should get stopped at the Hawkesbury River.

My sister evacuated her work yesterday (Glenorie) and my old mum had a fire within 1 km in inner Sydney last night but things are quietening down tonight.

Still many 1000s of hectares of very dry bush around though. Lets hope the next few days are calm and cool.


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and hey, guess what, while Sydney burns it is snowing on the Victoria Alps ... ya turning this weekend Dis?

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The naked rain dance was actually performed by English backpackers on their annual cultural pilgrimage to Summer Bay … mmmmm seems to have worked, they saved the set for another series and went home delirious ....ly happy!!

I leave for Colorado Paradise on the 11th. All quiet on the fire front this morning.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yeah - seems much quieter now with a bit better weather. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Sorry - misread watch - thought it said 12/12... I'm claiming migraine as the reason - not my poor old brain just having a brain fart! [img]redface.gif[/img]
I realised when I hit work this morning : : [img]redface.gif[/img]
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My brother works at Sydney Uni & he was saying that things seem to be getting better. But on the other hand summer is a long way from finished, so there will be a few more fires yet.

The other day it was 37 degrees when I was speaking to him. A lot better here in Japan.

I hate it over 28 degrees,

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We're well away from the action here in Canberra. Some years ago when we had an earlier repeat of bushfires like this, I was living in the Central Coast suburb that Oz lives in. The F3 freeway was cut by fires and the only way I could get to Sydney for my son's wedding was by ferry from Patonga to Palm Beach. :

I see there are fires at Patonga and Brooklyn at present. really take my hat off to the volunteer firefighters they do a terrific job.
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yeah - my ex is one - keep seeing him on tv from time to time

Glad to hear you are safe up there

Catch up skiing this winter?
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