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Rips on ski pants - how to fix?

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I have a whole bunch of little rips on the inside ankle of my ski pants from edge cuts.

I am thinking of sending them away off season for a permanent repair. Actually, Ideally, I'd love to put a big patch on the ankle area to help prevent future cuts. And while I am at it, I may want to put knee patches on one pair (for mogul comps). Any recommendations on who could do that?

Now, in the meantime, what should I do? Can I just sew it and seal it somehow (such that the seal blends in with the color), or patch temporarily? (but these pants are not black, so a traditional black patch will look weird)?

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duct tape.

i have the same problem on several pairs of my pants, but only on the left cuff, which means i keep cutting them with the edges of my right ski. go figure.
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( see other threads about this )

once again, duct tape and super glue are crap compared to Seam Grip.

It's a glue that turns to rubber and is designed for fabric tears. It's solid and plyable.

Place tape on the inside of your pants as a backing.
apply small amount of Seam Grip.
Place tape on the outside of pants.
Let dry for 24 hours.
peal off tape.
perfect. (color will be darker.)

I have about a hundred dark blotches on the inside of my ankles. Not pretty, but bomb-proof.

Buy something to use as a protector and seam-grip/sew it to the pant leg to prevent further cuts.
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Duct Tape and a hair dryer patched up my TNF pants. I have a new pair of Arc Teryx theta sk pants and my newly tuned skis sliced into them pretty well during some unintended wipe-outs, but lo and behold, no damage to the fabric. They're bulletproof...If you want a new pair of pants, check out Hilton's Tent City on Canal, near North Station. Also the TNF outlets in Wrentham and Freeport are having sales from the 24-11'th.
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Our local tailor is a guy who skis and has done a few jobs for me. They can "cost out" or they can be overkill.

Bought two pair of Marmot pants identical size and one was too tight (should have tried both on), so he put some stretch stuff in the waist. Cost was $35 so it beat not using the pants.

Air transport "belt burns" all over a fairly new Spyder upper line jacket. New panel across the back and a band around the waist. Cost was $90, another winner cause replacement was over $400. Looks a bit odd if you look real hard.

The big issue in fixing something like you have is not just the color, but the type of material. You may need a heavy duty codura for the ankles and that will be hard to find. In my case, I had a "donor" jacket from my kids old stuff.

By the time you get done with the ankles and knees, you would probably just do better with new pants since it sounds like you are at about the $100 mark without materials.
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I'd approach it like fixing a down sleeping bag. You can get glue on patches, but the better ones are done with heat. If the trousers don't like heat, then this won't work, obviously!
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