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Blizzard Titan Nine 181

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I picked up some new 181 Titan Nines off the internet and finally got to test them out at Lake Louise on Saturday.

I'm 32, 6'1", and 165lbs. Advanced skier. I am coming off a pair of 10 year old rossi's. narrow (62mm) and big sidecut.

Conditions were great. Tons of snow. Groomers were soft. Tracked powder and crud off the back.

Groomers: I'm not much of a groomer guy, but it was my first day out this year and with new skis I warmed up with three groomer runs. These skis ripped them up. They are super stiff and need a lot of speed to get them turning. I found myself blasting down the hill and they felt unreal. Lots of energy out of the turns. Super smooth. Unreal compared to my last pair. But going slow forget it. The last run back to my truck was a skied off blue run dodging kids (not what these skis excel at at all).

Steeps: I spent the rest of the day dropping into the double blacks off the Paradise chair. Tracked powder and crud. These skies just pounded through everything. Very, very nice.

Bumps: These are so different from my other skis I had a hard time in the bumps for a few runs. By the end of the day I had a few nice sections put together. I think these will be alright through the bumps when I get dialed in.

These skis came with different bindings than I had ordered. Marker Comp 14.0 Piston Control. I mounted them anyways because I couldn't wait to get on the hill. The bindings are heavy but felt unreal on the groomers with the piston engaged. Really smooth. I read about the pre-release issues and was lucky to experience on first hand in a hard turn mid way down a double black. Luckily soft snow but I wasn't impressed with the hike back up to my ski. I may crank my din up .5 or 1 higher. Other than that I like the bindings. Hopefully that was just a one time thing.

Overall: Easily the best skis I've been on (but that is not hard as I've been on so few). Stiff, smooth, burly, and fast. It will take me a few days to get accustomed to these as they are the complete opposite of my last skis but they are awesome.
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i've been trying to track down a pair of last year's model.

as for the Marker Pistons...I have a pair of the 13's mounted on my Mantras and have yet to pre-release. I rode them fairly hard over the weekend at Telluride and rode the Mantras pretty hard all last season. So I dunno what all the fuss is about (they are heavy, though, i'll give you that).

glad you got some new sticks!
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Not much different than my review. Yes, they are a great ski.
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The bindings worked fine and I'm not concerned about them. I was putting a huge amount of force on them at the time. I just hope popping out of them was a one time thing. About 5 turns earlier and I would have been in big trouble.

I can't wait to get out on these again.
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