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Couger and Goat Hunting.

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This has been a long over looked topic here on Epic.
Where are the best places for those 20 something guys to go Cougar Hunting or are you the Hunted?
To keep this equal where are the best places in ski country for a 20 something woman find a rich old goat?
Aspen? Sun valley? Vail ? maybe Deer Valley?
Maybe we need a thread in the Instruction forum on Cougar and Goat hunting. NO not that kind of instruction! If you need that kind you shouldn't be out there hunting.
Yes, Sundance had me thinking about this.
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Here are some step-by-step instructions:
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Yes, But what mountains would say offer the best hunting options? Nobody has any I was 19 and she was 45 stories? We are boring maybe everybody was smoking to much pot on the lift?
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