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Which way to ship Skis, USPS, UPS, Fed Ex

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Hey all - I am working out a deal with a fellow member and I am trying to figure out the best way to have them shipped. I buy and sell a lot of golf clubs and ALWAYS use USPS b/c it is reasonably priced, sometimes cheaper, and always fast.

I know USPS charges and upcharge for "oversized" items which a box of golf clubs isn't, but that skis are. So given that I think USPS might be a little pricey what do you think the next best option is?

I hate UPS and the "UPS Store" b/c they always take you for a ride and charge 2x what you would pay if you had a UPS account. Does Fed Ex raise the prices too from there stores?

What have you all found to be the cheapest method?
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I have used USPS to ship skis. In most cases The box is just under the the over sized regulation. I have also used with great success UPS make sure you box it well and use a UPS drop off and not a UPS store. UPS store are more expensive then regular UPS service. Ground shipping should be a tad less then $30 UPS with USPS. I think it was about $20 or less.
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I also avoid the UPS stores. I've been able to ship a carefully boxed 175cm skis or shorter without the oversized premium with both UPS (using the regional UPS facility) and USPS. Longer skis are a lost cause and can cost $35 to 40.

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I usually find Fedex ground offers a reasonable deal
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Get the dims once they are packged and then shop it on the web. UPS, FEDED and DHL all have online calculators.
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I'm in the middle of a really bad experience with UPS, in which they delaminated one of a pair of new B-3's, triple bubble-wrapped and boxed. After an appeal, they still will take no responsibility, claim it's not their fault since the skis' packaging was faulty. Check my earlier thread for comments from others. UPS sucks, in the opinion of myself and a number of others.
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I tried the UPS calculator to work out how to ship my skis back to Oz, and it came out at $489 USD! So I guess they won't be coming home. I'll get the bindings off though, they're good ones.
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I have had the best luck with USPS for price with FedEx Ground coming in second. FedEx Ground has two advantages. One is you can use Kinko's stores which are open long hours, many 24 hours a day. The other advantage is the oversized box surcharge kicks in at a larger size. Before using either measure the 3 dimensions of your box in inches and total weight. Go to www.usps.com and www.fedex.com & use they calculator to get your estimated shipping cost.

I have had little luck with UPS except when I can fanagle a business to ship the skis for me.....UPS gives business customers a large discount over walk-in consumers.
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