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Ski Poles - What to choose?

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I've been using metal poles all my life. Every few years, I end up trashing them due to a bad fall or tweaking them on a bump run. I've been considering composite poles but I'm concerned that they will splinter or shatter if they fail. What poles should I consider. metal or composite?
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My Goode solid composite are pretty durable and have seen quite a bit of abuse. They are about seven years old.

Many of the hollow shaft composite seem pretty flimsy.

The solids are pretty thin and light for their strength; my friend showed up the other day with a pair of Goode poles he got for $65 on sale ... hollow shaft ... he just couldn't resist that "half off" sign ... he'll have "half" pretty soon ... half a pole in his hand.
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I've had my Scott WCs for 5 years now and they're still going strong- and I fall on them hard and often. After those I'd have to say the Swix CT1s would be my second choice, but they're pretty spendy.
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I also use Scott WC's. They are bombproof. I have had a pair since 1994! The WC's are strong, reliable, and less expensive than a good composite pole (stay away from cheap composites, as they are very flexy).
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I'll second the Goode recommendation. Their higher end poles are strong, light, and the swing weight is sweet. They're supposed to be 2/3 the weight of aluminum poles but also stronger. I love mine... I doubt I'll ever buy alum. poles again. FYI Level Nine Sports has good prices on Goode poles
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Been using the a pair of Kerma Banshee Pros for years now...can't imagine going back to metal.
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I bought my Goode poles in 1990ish when they first came out with the "pencil pole". Still using them today.
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I have been using Leki Viper Alu/Carbon composite pole for about 5 years now. They are light, flexable and resilliant(and expensive) but I would not part with them and am looking for something similar in an adjustable pole.

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Do not buy the cheap Goode poles you see advertised for $29.00 or so. They are not that strong. Spend the cash get some of the higher end composites, with more carbon fiber.
I have some leki alu/ carbons I have hada few years now. i really like the tripper strap. I put big powder baskets on them. I found them on sale for less then $50.00 Well worth that price.
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