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Metron MEX or Allstar?

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I've love my Allstars on everything but heavy crud. I just got some MEX's cheap hoping they would do better in the crud and deeper snow but I don't want to give up the superb carving of the Allstars .
Going to Winterpark for a week and can't decide which ski to bring. I won't have time to test the MEX on any local hills before I go: .

Anyone skied both?
Does the MEX handle the groomers anything like the Allstar?

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If the AllStars are the skis that you have been skiing, why consider taking a different pair? My choice would be the boards that are broken in and true and tried.
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the Me-X is an awesome groomer ski at speed and alot more forgiving than the allstars.
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Thanks Bushwacker...

"more forgiving than the Allstar" What is meant by that, I think the Allstars are forgiving.
Sounds like I'll be ok on the MEXs, just love to riiip the groomers on the back way to the lift, for me, that is as much fun as the "other stuff".
BTW-43yrs, 185lbs, fairly aggressive level 8-9.
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This is just me,

But, there's no way I would go on a trip for 6 days with skis I've never been on!!
Take the Allstars!
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Take both!
The all stars are a sure thing but the ME:X's may become your friend!

I wouldn't go with just the MEx's just because you haven't been on them yet. You just don't take a trip on something unknown.
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I am assuming you can only take one ski. If there is no snow inthe forcast, you might want to take the Allstars. I bought new Metron EX's and spent the week of the 7th -13th in Winter Park. By the third day I was itching to try them so out they came. I spent all day trying to get used to the way they feel on hardpack as they were not the same performers as my SX:10's. This is not to say they were bad, actually, they carved quit nicely, but in a different manner all together.

For me, they absolutely sucked in the bumps. However, I did see a guy (twice) with the same skis on a steep bump run underneath the Eskimo making it look easy. I was able to find some very small soft snow stashes off of the Timberline lift and they really shined in that. I guess what I am getting at is that they performed great in powder and crud, and ok on hardpack. I would not want them for my one-quiver ski. Maybe if I skied more than a day and a half on them, and got a much better feel for them, this would change.
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Guess I'd look at the forecast. The MEX is ok on hardpack but not very exciting.

I recently brought them as the only ski on a trip. Skied one day on old icy snow and really would have preferred something else. Skied another day in 2-3 feet of powder and loved them.
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