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Edge damage

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Hi all;
Yup, it's totally my fault....shoulda known better! Got anxoius to try the new S5s and went to Iceface, (Whiteface for those who don't live here), and dinged up the edges .
My question is how much can I expect to bring the edges back with diamond and oxide stones and my SVST? Right now, they are pretty nicked up and I know I can knock off the burrs but that'll still leave the nicks. I don't want to go after the bottom edge and screw up that. In the past, I have stopped after working over the side edges after they are somewhat smooth, but it always seems to leave those "depressions" in the steel. Is it too much to think that I can totally remove the damage? I really hate to take 'em into the shop, (always a crap-shoot!).
Thanks everyone!
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You are right about the crap shoot. After de-burring with the stone, you should also go over the base edge with a stone, then use the tuning tool with a file and base sharpen the edge (use the correct base bevel angle). This keeps the edge more even with the running surface along the edge. Then do the side edge with the edge sharpining tool at it's correct edge bevel. You don't have to take all of the scrapes out at once, but it helps get your edge back to being a true edge.

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