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Superbowl pics. Colts or Bears?

Poll Results: Who will win the Superbowl 07

Poll expired: Feb 3, 2007  
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Forget the "lines". Forget that the Colts/Pats game was one for the ages..who will win the big one?
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It will a blowout, and a bad superbowl to watch. Colts win by over 20 points.
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I could care less. I'm still in shock over the Pats/Colts game. Colts will win though, much to my chagrin.
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I just wasted over four hours watching that game, and it all came down to less then two minutes...
shear dissapointment.
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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post
I just wasted over four hours watching that game, and it all came down to less then two minutes...
shear dissapointment.
Whaaaaat??????????????? :: What a fantastic game that was. Even if you are a Pats fan, you must be able to appreciate that game.
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Great game, although I understand the waste of time. Turned out like an NBA game, tune in late fourth quarter for the real game.

Colts in the superbowl, offense over defense. Only way IMO the bears stay in it is special team (read Devin Hester) making plays, bears running and slowing down the game significantly, and Colts playing like first half tonight.

And I am from Chicago, just think Indy too strong offensively.
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Great game indeed.

Indy too strong offensively? Did anyone else see Urlacher nearly run down Bush on his catch-and-run TD? That Bears D is nasty and fast. I think Lovie will have the boys even nastier than ever - something that wus Manning doesn't deal with very well. Bears by 7.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Whaaaaat??????????????? :: What a fantastic game that was. Even if you are a Pats fan, you must be able to appreciate that game.
I confess, I am a Pats fan. It was a great game, and it looked like they had it. And then... well, you saw it.
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Both games were good

As a DIEHARD Bears fan -Go Lovie
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I hope the colts dont win becase if I see any more of Payton manning in ads, I might just put a chair through the telly..
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I think it will be a closer game than many think and hope the Bears will be in Mannings face all day but:
Colts 23
Bears 20

I normally route for the AFC but in this case...GO BEARS!
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I am not a fan of either team. just an NFL fan.

if grossman doesn't turn over the ball ( and I doubt colts defense that allowed 30+ pts in the last game - can make him) - I see a bears rout .
Bears 21 colts 3.

you heard it here first.
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less than a week to go.
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Although as a Viking's fan, normally I'd pull for anyone that can beat the Packers or the Bears, defense wins championships and special teams turn close games. The Bear's D will give up a couple of big plays, but in the end, will drop Manning and the Colts. The only chance I give to Indy is if Dungy, not known as the offensive-minded of coaches, can come up with a way to take advantage of the Bear's aggresiveness early and hit 'em with a couple of quick scores.
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I gotta go with the Colts. They are the AFC champs and we all know how much better the AFC was than the NFC this year. I think the Bears would have been a wild card team at best if they had played in the NFC. Yeah, they have a very good defense and Devin Hester was amazing as a return man, but that offense is just plain sketchy. You just never know what your going to get from the quarterback position. I hope they put up a good fight cause I wanna see a good game, but I gotta tell ya, I'm not getting my hopes up.
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I have to go with Peyton's great history in the big games...

Bears by 3
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Hester burns em early, then Peyton, double turnovers now a big run by da Bears leads to a TD - wow what a whirlwind!
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Just walked in the house, looking for the game and thinking that a Barking Bear would be disingenuous if she didn't pick Bears!
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Well I am a Gator fan ... and Peyton is a Vol.... Grossman a Gator...

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Vinateri misses a 36 yard field goal? What's up with that?!

Closer than I expected. But, only halftime.
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Chicago v Indianapolis in Miami.....

Not a ski hill in sight anywhere but plenty of rain

Who is this Prince dude?
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Bear Defense better get better in the second half. And they gotta let Grossman air it out if they want a chance to win this game. If they keep playing it "safe" they're gonna lose. The missed FG was big...
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Who is this Prince dude?
Kind of appropriate he sang "Purple Rain" eh?
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Who is this Prince dude?

Is it just me or did it look like Prince wasn't really playing that guitar solo. I don't know about that whole shadow thing he was standing behind...I have my doubts now.
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Prince is an awesome guitarist. Actually I thought he sounded a little rusty though. The sound mix was good at the end when they added in the marching band but a little too much guitar on the other parts.

Anyway - good game, even though it was one-sided it was still within 1 score for most of the game. Great to see Dungy and Manning finally win. I heard Peyton called Brady (true) after the game to "figure out how to celebrate" .
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The commercials sucked! The game did too. At least the turnovers kept the first half interesting. I didn't care who won, but would have liked a better game. And yeah, Adam V missing a field goal (and a PAT, but he didn't miss it, the center and holder did) was amuzing.

I'm just glad that it started as early as is did, and I didn't have to stay up until midnight to see it through.
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Yeah, the game was kinda sloppily played. Lot of turnovers -- just not very inspiring football. Of course, now I get to listen to the local Pats fans whine about how they could have easily beaten either the Colts or the Bears and they deserve the title, blah blah blah. Huh. I coulda sworn the Colts and the Pats played for the AFC title and that the Pats lost. I must be thinking of something else because that apparently never happened.

The commercials sucked this year, with the exception of some of the Bud Light ads (the auction-style wedding and the guy with the axe are the only two commercials I remember from the whole thing).
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I laughed when Adam missed that FG too - it was a special little moment of happiness watching it go wide left (so bad .
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I didn't like the rain. It slowed the game down and took the teams out of their game plans to some extent. I thought it was a shame that we didn't get to see either teams "A game". But, I think the outcome would have been the same regardless. It just wouldn't have been so sloppy. And perhaps the gap would have been much greater.
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I was out-of-town the week prior to the Super Bowl (sailing in the BVI - great trip!) and so I missed the pre-game hype. I would, however, like to offer these observations:

1) I don't think the weather was that big a factor. These guys have all played in the rain before. Almost every weekend in the NFL someone plays a game in less-than-ideal conditions. I think both teams were in unfamiliar territory, and were very nervous. If either team could have overcome this, they could have put this game away early.

2.) The quarterback gets too much credit when you win, and too much blame when you lose. The Colt's won in the playoffs by running the ball and stopping the run. Their offensive line made a nice-looking rookie (Addai) and a career backup (Rhodes) look like Harris and Bleier. Their defense, ranked thirty-one out of thirty-two in the regular season, played their three best games in the playoffs. Peyton Manning was the eighth-ranked passer (of sixteen) in the playoffs, and threw nine interceptions in four games. I guess the MVP was a lifetime achievement award.

3.) The above does not apply to Rex Grossman. He deserves all the criticism he's received, and more. Two weeks before the game I read an article titled "Is Rex Grossman The Worst Quarterback To Start A Superbowl?". My first thought was that Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien and Brad Johnson WON Super Bowls. I stand corrected, the answer is YES. With even mediocre quarterbacking Chicago would've won.

4.) In the middle of the 2004 NFL season Skip Bayless, respected (not by me) sportswriter for the Dallas Morning News, now with the San Jose Mercury, wrote an article declaring Tom Brady, who led two last-minute game-winning drives in the Super Bowl, a "system quarterback". Of course, later that season Brady led New England to their third title in four years (as witnessed by ldrjax at Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville, FL). Now that the Colt's won a title, in spite of some ordinary performances by Peyton Manning, will he declare Mannning a system quarterback? I guess the old bromide of there being no paper that won't accept ink is still true.

5.) Not to be a homer, but Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars should have been the rookie of the year. He had nearly 2500 all-purpose yards, the most in team history, and third most in league history. Vince Young was a joke - his quarterback rating was in the lowest quartile in the league; he won a couple of games with his legs, but quarterbacks are paid to throw the ball. Marques Colston of the Saints had a great year, and may represent the best value versus his draft position, but Jones-Drew should have won the award.

6.) Houston, you've got a lot of problems, and you compounded them by passing on Reggie Bush. I didn't get to see him play a lot in college since the USC games generally started at 10 PM Saturday here on the east coast, by which time Mrs. ldrjax and I were usually cracking the second bottle of cab. Mario Williams, call Sam Bowie; he knows how you feel.
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