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Straps with rivet like connections

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So this kid shows up in my lesson with his toe strap ratcheted all the way to the end of the strap and he's still a bit loose. So I say "No problem!" and whip out my tool, ahem, my snowboard tool and , and, and .... Well the strap has multiple holes to adjust for the length, but the nut appears to be a rivet kind of thing because instead of a Phillips head set of slots, it's got this round hole about the size of the butt end of the drivers that fit in my tool. There was no way for me to move the thing to a better hole. What's up with these things?
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MY guess is ultra cheap bindings and riveting will be cheaper.

Especialyl if there is not threads embedded in the other strap.

I'm not condoning it, but the almighty dollar likely led to that method of attachment.
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yet another use for that pocket full of trail maps you acrry 'round!
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