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Ski Resorts Near Minneapolis, MN

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I have a business trip to Minneapolis and might have a chance to sneak away for a day or afternoon of skiing.

Searching the forums, I did not find much information about these local resorts. Will have a 4WD/AWD SUV.

Can anyone recommend a ski resort for a Level 7/8 skier (and CSIA Level 1 Instructor)? I would also need some decent rental skis.

Normally I ski Mammoth, Tahoe, Southern California or Japan.

Also any info about good ski shops in Minneapolis would be appreciated, I am looking for some new skiwear.

Thanks very much,
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Welch Village would be my recommendation. I was there yesterday and the place is in great shape. About an hour drive from the Twin Cities. Most of the Twin Cities shops have started their winter clearance sales and there are some good deals around. Hoigaards, Pierce Skate & Ski and Joe's Sporting Goods are all names to check. Welch Village and all the shops mentioned have websites giving directions.
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I second gregmerz recommendation of Welch. It is farther than Buck Hill or Afton Alps but has much better slope layout and usually more mature skiers.

Remember to bring warm clothing. It can get cold up nord!

I don't know too much about the rental situation, but in general midwest areas are not known for their quality rental gear. I would suggest calling one of the ski shops listed in the previous post to check if they have a higher level package to rent.

Remember, these are hills not mountains.
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Joe's is a good shop. AWD/4WD NOT NECESSARY!! There's not much snow anyway - it's about 90% man-made. Most areas around the Twin Cities have about 400' vertical - not too exciting.

Not to rain on your parade, but if you're normally skiing the Tahoe area, you WILL be disappointed unless you go into it with a sense of humor! There shouldn't be a ski run in MN you'll have any problems with.

Rent from a shop, not an area, unless you go to Wild Mountain, which have rentals from Joe's, although I do believe Afton has "high performance" rentals in their shop as well.
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Wild Mountain= Best French Fries.
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One other thought! I do not know what your usual ski is (am guessing Dynastar 8800 for obvious reasons) but the short firm snow slopes in Minnesota beg to be skied with a short stiff ski with a small turn radius. Rent one of these, hope the hill is not too crowded and have a blast carving it up.
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Thanks very much for the replies. I will be sure to check out the ski shops, although I am not sure if I can make it to the slopes this time.
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you should just go for the fries anyway.
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buck hill is small but can be fun
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I always bring my Fischer RC4 WC SL's there and have a BLAST!!
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I'll put in another vote for Welch Village. Afton Alps would be my second choice. Only about 20 min further to drive to Welch though, better hills, usually a lot fewer skiiers... Decent night skiing, if you can handle cold.
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