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New Boots and Pain

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I bought new boots this season. No local ski shops with boot fitter. Soo, I ending up buying online after having tried the same boot on at local big box sports store.

I purchased Atomic B-9 (2005/06) in a 26.5. My old boots were Rossi Saltos at 28.0.

Flex on new boots is 80. I think old boots were 55, but not sure.

I normally wear street shoes in US 10, but I am able to get my foot in the 26.5 atomics. It is really only one full size down as the Atomic B series uses the same shell for the 26.5 and 27, not 26 and 26.5 as you would expect.

In any event, I am just back for a major trip west. Six days at Whistler, what a blast.

But, the problem is significant foot pain every day. The boots fit well in length. Snug, but toes OK with enough room for a little wiggle of toes. Left boot is a little snug in the width, but I will struggle along before getting them punched. I have off the shelf Superfeet inserts.

The big problem is pain on the bottom of my feet. It starts mid-day and both feet are throbbing by days end. The pain is on the bottom of both feet at the front of the forefoot pad. If you drew a line that started between the ball of your foot and big toe and extended it across your foot, that is the spot. They are so sore by days end that I race down the last run to get so I can get these #%*&@ boots off.

I should have went to a boot fitter when in Whistler, but I thought it was a breaking in issue and did not want to take time from skiing.

My question is whether this is a a boot fit issue, or am I doing something wrong in driving too much pressure forward on the tongue? Can sloppy technique cause foot pain, or is it the boots?

I consider myself a decent skier at level 6/7. I managed fine in a group double black lesson at Whistler. But I must say, Whistler was a humbling experience. My first trip West. I skied six full days straight. I was working harder than I thought necessary and began to question my skill set, particularly as I was getting all this foot pain, which I had not experienced previously in my slightly too large boots.

I will likely not have access to a boot fitter until late March, but will ski 6-8 days before that.

Any thoughts or similar experiences.
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Sounds like a footbed issue to me.
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second the footbed. Sometimes, when I crank down the ankle buckle I get that pain under the arch just from pressure. But that far forward the buckle should be just tight enough to stay closed and not put enough pressure on the forfoot to cause pain. Custom footbeds. And don't be shy about visiting the bootfitter, we're just guessing here.
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What is under the boot liner? Is the footbed laying flat in the boot or does the base of the boot have some obstructions (I heard some do)? If your heel or arch is placed into a funny position it could make the ball of your foot hurt.

Check your trim to fit again outside the boot, is it comfortable, does the arch support hit your arch in the right place? Those are sold by shoes size, I actually had to go up a size based on where the support hit my arch. The winter & green version takes up more volume than the blue and they recomend the black ones for people with flat feet.

Definitely find a bootfitter near where you will ski next. Call, make an appointment and discuss your problem and see what they want you to do or pay attention to.
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do you get the same pain with and without the footbeds?

are the toe buckles loose, tight or open? better with them looser?
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I used to have a problem that sounds similar, my arches would throb at the start of the season then after a week or two of skiing the pain would disappear.

Bootfitters all basically sumed it up as arch cramping from the footbeds, the reason it only happened early in the year had somthing to do with the lack of ski ready muscle, maybe my technique got sloppy or my feet were just not used to the compression. Regardless, I fixed the whole thing by simply working out a little after surfing but before ski season.

Good luck
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I get about the same arch pain. Would getting footbeds with more arch support help?
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Originally Posted by Buddah Bar View Post
I get about the same arch pain. Would getting footbeds with more arch support help?
I actually found the opposite was true, if I removed the foot beds entirely the arch pain would subside but I would get the gnarliest blisters and my toe nails would fall off....well that still happens and I got footbeds on my boots now.

Good luck feet are so weird
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