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Twin Tips?

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I'm new to shaped skis. What are twin tips? How can you tell if a ski has twin tips? What are they good for? How do they help you?

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Twin tips has tips in both ends... It has a normal tip in front, and a smaller tip at the back of the ski... With twin tips, you can land backwards (fakie).... They are used for new school skiing.... I use'em myself, and you should really try'em out...

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Twintips have been around for a long time and just becoming popular again. The first ones I remember were the Olin Mark IV Ballet. Great ski for it's time. I'm glad the new school skiers are finding them so much fun. I sure like to watch them do the "fakies" and other tricks. Wish this old body could still handle that kind of abuse. I still remember how much fun that was.
Keep it up guys.
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