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funny story

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Friday evenings i go skiing with my son and some of his classmates. On one ride up the lift, some kids were heckling my son and 2 of his friends. One friend volunteers my son as the one to race heckler down the trail.

bear in mind, i find out after the fact. I am several chairs behind, so i do not know this is happening.

On my way down i pass son's friend tell heckler, "He 's already down the mountain"

I get to the bottom and inquire what was going on. I am the suspicious sort around 3 5th graders.

My son tells me. I do not condone racing/high speed chases on crowded and or beginner/novice trails.

So i tell son no racing.

Glad he won, but don't do it again.

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Whoo hooo to lil' antisuperego!
Way to go Jr!

Now next time tell him you got nuthin to prove
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