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Woke up to a glorious 7deg F. morning. Cloudless, blue skys. My friend and his kids arrived, so we could enjoy a day on the bunny hill. His kids each had 1 day on the snow, period. Got to Ascutney, his kids needed a lot of help, being inexpirenced, but we planned for that, and got them sorted out. Went to the lodge and went to buy my tickets, 1 A and 1 J, and a stranger gave me 2 free ski vouchers, saved me $105. Boy was I happy. Got out on the snow, er ice with a covering of Talc, and made our way the the learning area, slowly, but hey, we were skiing.

We ended up pairing off, My 10 yo, on skis, and his 8 yo, darksider. His youngest has more will than talent, at this point, but tries hard and learns fast. Me and his teen daughter, she is another darksider and my friend and his middle child, on skis.

Very few people were at the resort. We get on the lift, and start help his kids learn thier stuff. The 8yo starts getting the hang of the board fairly easily. The middle one has confidence issues, about skiing, but tries hard. The Teen listens to my advice and is starting to get the hang of steering her board.

About the third or fourth run.....disaster strikes. Ok not disaster, but the girl falls hard on her butt and feels pain. We get the patrollers to look at her and she gets a sleigh ride and a bus ride. End of perfect. She ended up with a brused lumbar area.

While my friend is at the hospital, with daughter, the boys and i eat and get back to skiing. My son and the 8yo make 8 - 10 more runs, including the mini slolom and hoop thing. My son is a bit bored, but deals. I help 11yo gain skill and confidence. He dropped a pole so we did 5 runs without poles, and he did wonderfully, he has good body position to start with.

Had the injury not happened, it would have been perfect.