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Sundance Resort ??'s

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Why is it that no one speaks of this place?? The photo's and scenery look spectacular.

Let me put a question out there.....Sundance Resort or Snowbasin??


Let's hear it.
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I have skied most of the SLC area mountains numerous times. I've been to both Sundance and Snowbasin once. My recollection of Sundance is that it is not very large compared to the other resorts, and perhaps doesn't have much challenge (or maybe I just didn't find it.) I was there on a weekday and it wasn't at all crowded. The main reason I went there was that it is near Orem, and I was skiing with a friend who lives in Orem. It is their local hill. If it was closer to where I usually stay in SLC, I would go back there occasionally, but otherwise I don't think it's worth the drive.

Snowbasin is very large and has a wide variety of skiing. It's main disadvantage is that unless you stay up in the Ogden area, it's a long drive up I-15 through the area's heaviest rush hour traffic. That's the only reason I haven't been back. I was there on a weekday and it was not at all crowded.

To summarize, both of these places are worth visiting, but their locations put them at a disadvantage relative to LCC/BCC/Park City.
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Glad you asked- Sundance is one of my all time favorites. I had a season pass there for two winters and it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.
There's not any real double black stuff there like the Cottonwoods and the PC resorts, but Bishops and Grizzly Bowl are all you'll ever need on a powder day. The groomed stuff is wide and plentiful and well pitched from steep to mellow and there's never a crowd. It's small and feels as homey as a county resort or one of the little New England hills- except that it's in the lap of massive Mt. Timpanogos, 12K' and one of the most beautiful mountains anywhere.
Mr. Redford, as he's called, has done an amazing job of preserving the natural beauty by zoning very low impact development- if you can even call it that, and buying up thousands of acres of adjacent forest and setting it aside. I used to see him around. Good skier, all I can say is that guys with skinny legs shouldn't wear stretch pants...(that was back a while, and to my knowledge, he never wore neon but favored Norwegian sweaters and the bareheaded look, with sunglasses, ala' Stein...)
It's a great place for kids with a mellow lower mountain and a good ski school, small and low key. The wife and I were married there, and we return every year and stay in one of the Mandan cottages, build fires and enjoy the solitude. The spa is excellent, small but with good masseuses, and the restaurants are top notch. It's a retreat more than a "destination" known for peace, quiet, and closeness to nature.
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I've been to both mountains for one day last February.
Sundance was one of the nicest places I ever sked. Absolutely no crowds (I think it was Monday), beautiful scenery, weather couldn't be better, blue skies. Being my first time there, I've explored the mountain which was good enough fun. Base area is minimalistic, locker system pretty unique, least environmental impact you can imagine at the ski area.
Snowbasin on the other hand was way too crowded (ok, it was Saturday President's day weekend), drive up was tedious since the weather was all fog and blowing snow, couldn't see thing on the mountain. Obviously the mountain has great terrain, but it just did not work for me that day. I don't think I've ever seen so many people in the base lodge or in the restrooms or in the line for food. Children were sleeping or playing on the floor all over the place, stuff scattered everywhere, it was just not cool. I was impressed by the fancy base lodge, heated walkways and the condiments assortment at the caffeteria ( ). I hope next time I'll get no crowds and nicer weather.
My advice would be, if you can, go to both places. I "sacrificed" two days of Cottonwoods last year to see 2 new hills and it was worrth it.
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here is a thread when I asked the same question a while ago:
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Very good in-put. Thanks.

I have to admit, our mountain choices for the first week of March are "up in the air??"

Alta and Snowbird for sure. Solitude for "pretty sure"?? Then the whole PCMR or DV or Snowbasin and now Sundance.

I love choices!!
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I posted these last year from a nice midweek powder day just after New Years, but can't find the thread.

Absolutely worth going, especially after a decent dump. Nice lowkey vibe. I liked the lodge at the top of Bishops Bowl. Click on pix to enlarge:

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Thanks for posting those photos James. It has been years since I have skied down there. I forgot how much fun that small mountain can be on a Powder day.
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Freakin' awesome pictures!! I mean out of sight and groovey!!

Thanks for posting.
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From todays's Salt Lake Tribune
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