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Best replacement liners??

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Rossi Power 9.1 boots. Good tight shell fit (10 street shoe,26 shell). Liners have packed out and starting to rip( still snug ). Any custom liner advice?? Heat moldable,foam?? Shells are excellent and fit me perfect just need liners.
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What are your goals for the new liner? If you're happy with how the original liner worked for you then I'd just contact Rossi and get another. However, if you're looking for something to provide some higher performance with better durability then I'd recommend ZipFit (zipfit.com).

The main challenge with ZipFit is finding a shop that carries the line and can help you with the fitting. I see that you're in Ohio - do you take any trips out West?

Another brand to consider is Conform'able which has both "thermoflex-type" liners (with a tongue, not an overlap design) and custom foamed versions.
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If the liners are still snug I'd just lightly duct tape the tears for now and try to find a stock liner again. Different liners will most likely present new fit issues you don't have now. So I would look for stock again, maybe order from ski shop.
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Naht I got some ZipFits for some boots that fit me really well I skied about 50-60 days on the original liners which was about 25-30 days on liners as stock then butterfly padded them and added padding to tongue and skied another 25-30 days and finally they got too roomy and so I got the ZipFits and the ZipFits are fantastic just a little uncomfortable the first few days while they slowly mold to your foot but then theyre great now my boots are definitely the best fitting boots Ive ever skied. While noodler is right its hard to get a shop that carries and fits them well its really not too hard to fit them yourself at home if you are comfortable doing any sort of boot work its really not too hard just takes a little time and close attention. I got mine by telephone order from Corty Lawrence at Footloose Sports and they included some nice instructions on how to do the fitting at home and thats what I used to fit mine.
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My boots are perfect, nothing can move except my toes. Very lucky that I can take a high end Rossi and it will fit almost perfect. My liners are heat moldable, but a little frayed ( still very skiable ). If a new type like Zipfit is alot better ( perfomance, comfort ) then it is worth the try. When I see pics of Zipfits they look like they only mold around the ankle area which is what my Rossi does. Just trying to find something better I guess. They could be a tad warmer!!!
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I got another 3 seasons out of my boots (99-00 season Technica) with ZipFits, plus got a lot better control around the ankle area. Like ramshackle says, they are a mite uncomfortable the first several days even after the original heat molding, but they continue to form to your foot and shell as you ski them. If your shells are still good they're a good choice IMHO.
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The Nordica Lace-Up liners are really nice. I know a number of people that use them in non-Nordica boots.
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Consider Intuition thermoflex liner. The entire liner is thermoflex foam (not just the heel/ankle). They mold well and are warmer than many other liners. Some people here like thermoflex liners. Some prefer the Zip Fits and feel they are more responsive, though my thermo flex liners are very close fitting. Its hard to find a shop that carrries both to help you choose.
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I don't recommend the Thermoflex overlap style liner for a traditional 2-piece overlap shell. That's specifically why I pointed out the Conform'able thermoflex that has the same benefits, but uses a tongue in the construction.

The overlapping thermoflex was designed for use with 3-piece shells (Flexon, Krypton). I have run into a couple people using them with 2-piece shells, but IMO the liner doesn't provide enough support/stiffness up front to deal with these types of shells effectively.
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The Intuition liner will not work well with your boots. While the Conformable will. Real tongue instead of overlap. But if you want the best performance get Zipfits.
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Another vote for Zipfits. Get the leather lined version for maximum performance. Footloose is a great source as well as Steve Bagley at Superior Ski inside Christy Sports at Snowbird. Zipfits just seem to get better with age. I have about 85 days on mine and they are better than they were when new.
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