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Sundance Update

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Well, the PIBs are back, so I thought I might as well update everyone on what's happening.

Seen around town so far:

- More groupies than ever. Do people really come here just to gawk?
- Steve Buscemi
- Man was the bus driver grumpy. I guess I would be too when answering if this goes by the Eccles Center for the ten thousandth time.
- More Hummers than I see all year, combined. Shame on you, Hollywood. Practice what you preach.
- Tara Reid
- Relatively empty ski slopes.
- Less snow than what we are used to.
- PIBs acting like they are in Antarctica. It's not *that* cold here.

Shameless Plug:

Go see Gratte-Papier (penpusher) if you are here for the festival. It is a short by Guillaume Martinez, who is staying at my house fro the festival. He seems like a real stand up guy and it's a very good movie.

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Shameless plug number two:

Go see Dedication if you get the chance. It's at Eccles on Monday and Redstone over the weekend, plus elsewhere in between. I worked on it and can say it's one of the better films I've worked on in the past few years. Yes, I know it says Mandy Moore is in the cast, but give her a chance - she's very good. Director is also a stand-up guy.

Agree with the previous Hummer comment, but I'd like to make one point. "Hollywood" is not just the famous names and faces you see plastered all over the place every day. It's really made up of many more hard-working men and women who have spent years perfecting a particular craft, and who in most cases keep practicing that craft long after the flavor-of-the month actress is washed up and gone. These are thoughtful, intelligent people for the most part. And just about everyone I know is extremely environmentally-conscious. Drive around on any lot these days and you'll likely see more Priuses than Hummers or Excursions. Many more. In fact, 3 of the 5 people I work with drive a Prius, and the other two drive Minis. My point is that the real Hollywood does practice what it preaches.

You want to really point finger? I've got one direction it can go: Point it at the recent influx of California exiles living in places like Reno. Reno was long a truck town, but it's gotten absolutely out of control since I moved away in 1991. Seems like they all gotta one-up the neighbors by getting the biggest McMansion and the largest gas-guzzling SUV. It's embarrassing, really, because most of them will have no use for such a vehicle. I didn't buy a 4WD until AFTER I left Reno, and I got by just fine for 22 years there without one.
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I like the "Empty Ski Slope" observation, especially since I will be there Tuesday. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful week, even if it doesn't snow! Keep those gawkers at the festival...I'm hitting the slopes

Powdr, are the shuttles packed? I rented a car, figuring it would be easier to drive to DV each morning/afternoon versus fighting the crowds. I have a feeling I was probably dead on.
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Traffic too and from the resorts isn't bad. DV uncrowded today- Main street's a joke. Forget parking.
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One of the things I do miss is Sundance. Yes Holly wierd in the mountains was fun. For the most part I enjoyed the pibs. I loved the energy and dedication of some of the young film makers. They go way out on a limb making thier art. They take big risk . Sometimes it pays off then again it may not. Like cooper 8161 said Hollywood has a lot of crafts people who have spent years and work hard to perfect thier craft. Traffic and Parking can be bad. The skiing isn't as open as it use to be. More skiers are finding out that it is a good time to ski Utah.
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