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Congratulations Team Canada

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We were out played and it is as simple as that. When you have the likes of Yzerman, Sakic, La Meiux, Shanahan, etc. that is some pretty deep and serious hockey talent.

Also the Gretzky strategy of making Canada the underdog because of all the "perceived" critism I think really worked exactly how he wanted it to work. Canada played with much more intensity and emotion than did the US. During the last US power play in the third period, before they got the 4th gaol, we were flat. There was a serious lack of drive and intensity to make the power play into a much needed goal.

A well fought game with the better team today being team Canada.

Hey, silver isn't so bad , Ok it's second place, but the Team USA from the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics was a one shot deal. Can't make those comparisons, times have changed dramatically.

Miracles don't happen in a particular sport everytime the Olympics come around.

I think the US has a lot to be proud of. For the USA these are the best Winter Olympics ever, and I think SLC did a wonderful job pulling it off, considering the scandel of how they got the games , and how much in doubt they would even happen after 9/99/01.

This country and the world has a lot to be proud about.If everything over the next several days continues to go off without a hitch, it's a victory for all of us.Terrorism and the threat of same changed things somewhat, but we had the games and they were a success, despite some sour grapes. It's a victory we can be proud of !
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Woo Hooo! I'd like to take this opportunity to say CANADA KICKS ASS! Way to be team!!
(One Big Grin for each goal!!)

I listened to the game on the radio on the way home from coaching my J.D team at their first race of the season. Our team took home 3 medals today!

For those of you who have never, try listening to a game on the radio, it is ten times more exciting than watching on t.v!! I was amazed! What a great game! Way to be team Canada! Sorry USA, but you guys got CRUSHED!!!!!!
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Thanks for kind words, wink. The Utah'ns and American people have shown themselves wonderful, sportsmanlike hosts. Perhaps we can return the favour here at Vancouver/Whistler in 2010.

This game was the biggest sports event in our country since the Canada/Russia series in 1972 when I remember our school cancelled classes to sit in the gym around the B&W TV to watch the final game. Today's match was much more than an Olympic gold... the pride of an entire nation was boosted 10-fold. Hockey here is an institution. No offense meant to the American people, but we have always lived in the shadow of the USA, trying to maintain our national identity. To beat the big money/military/power-hungry machine on its own turf is very gratifying. Hey, maybe we could claim the US as our eleventh province (heh-heh).

Canada will never be, nor does it care to be, the richest most powerful nation on Earth. But for now, it is the undisputed grand world champion of the hockey arena, male or female.

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Hey guys you should have seen the Powderhorn bar at Fernie this afternoon, it was going wild. Took off the ski boots and grabbed a beer , that was it for skiing today, even if the snow was thigh deep.......oh by the way , everybody had a blast.
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The better team in the gold medal game was Canada.

Canada could have folded up the tent after the game was 2-2. They had out played the US up to that point yet the scoreboard showed a tie. The very next shift after giving up the tying goal, Canada came out flying and never let the momentum change to the US's side.

The US looked tired but they also had to play a real semi-final (unlike Canada's scrimmage against Belarus).

I hate to think how the whole country would have slipped into a mass national depression if they had lost that game.
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Personally, I see this as yet another sign that the Red Sox are destine to win a World Series soon.
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