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Skiing around Cleveland, OH

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My parents are in near Cleveland, OH. My brother is meeting me there the weekend of Feb 3rd for some family time, and we are trying to put together a little skiing if possible. I see Holiday Valley is about 3 hours away. Is it worth the drive, or should we just stay local, Boston/Brandywine, or Alpine Valley? Any info from local residents would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kirk
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Holiday valley is a solid 3.5 to 4 hours depending on what side of Cleveland you are leaving from and weather conditions, and its worth it. Another closer choice is Peek N Peak. From your post, we have no idea of what level of skiing you enjoy or if you have any experience at all. Lower level skiers may not experience much difference from Brandywine to Aspen, but appreciation for vertical grows pretty quickly with ability. If you have never skied an Ohio ski area, its something you should do just to appreciate everything else you will ever ski.
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Ohio skiing

We are both very good skiers. Both did, and do most of our skiing in the midwest. I currently am on the National Ski Patrol at Alpine Valley in southeasten WI. I am well aware of midwest skiing, quantity over quality. I have been to Boston Mills, and was looking for something a little bigger. I understand vertical is hard to come by anywhere in the midwest. I am driving 400+ miles to get to Ohio, so I was looking for something not too far away. Thanks for the info. Kirk
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Holiday valley is a solid 4 to 4.5 hours depending on what side of Cleveland you are leaving from and weather conditions, .
You call that driving? I used to live 30 minutes east of the Mistake on the Lake, but we would often do it in 2 1/2. Now, there were some storms near Erie once and a while.......
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Holiday Valley is 3 hours from east side of Cleveland in good weather. It is the best place to go within that range. Peak n Peak is 2 hours and ok Holiday Valley is well worth the extra hour drive.
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HV is well worth the trip. However, if you are going on a weekend crowds can get big.

Peak n Peak is less the two hours from the east side. They have good snow and don't get over skied like HV. Less vert and not as challenging.

Seven Springs is great when its good and horrendous when limited in snow.

BMBW includes two areas with one ticket. It is fun with the right people.

Alpine Valley should only be visited when novice skiers are involved.

If it were me and had the time during the week I would ski Hollimont during the week over anyhing within 4 hours of Cleveland.

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Go to Holiday Valley. Its worth the drive and the terrain is quite diverse and big. Each part of the mountain feels like a different part because you can't really see the other chair lifts from each mini area, other than near the main base at the bottom of Mardi Gras (crowded part). There are some very nice glades when the snow is good, some great long runs and some good steep stuff too. Excellent mid-sized ski area.
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Having grown up in Chicago and learned to ski at Alpine Valley, I now live in cleveland and skied Boston Mills last night. This was just for a warm up for the trip to Breck this wed-monday in 2 days. Can't wait. BM/BW in Cleve now have plenty of man made, and with the weather pattern now in place will surely have plenty when you arrive. Slopes are similar to AV, but shorter and can be crowded. Be aware that everynight of the week, both places have ski schools, so there can be lots of people there. Although last night, with 12 buses in the parking lot, the "black" slope was uncrowded, because rank beginners can't ski above their lesson rating.

If you want to ski local, it is just OK for making turns. Go early no crowds, you will be able to do probably 50+ laps (no joke, slope so short) My personal record is 72 laps. Or go at 3:30 and stay until 9 pm. I think I saw signs that they will be having very late night skiing (like 10 pm - 3am) sessions when you are there. Look at web for info. Could fit your schedule.

Otherwise just go for a day to Peak n peak. Much better. HV still better but a really long day. Best for a one night stay over. Maybe drive there and get in late, ski all day, drive back.
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Hailing from Cleveland I learned to ski at Brandywine/Boston Mills... Trips to Buffalo area resorts were highlights of my early skiing. I have fond memories of Kissing Bridge and Cockaigne resorts. Maybe there wasn't great vertical but there was LOTS of snow and both resorts were charming. Check out the link below to list to the Buffalo area resorts, some of which are mentioned above.
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I can't believe I just now saw this thread.

I too learned at BM/BW and spent many weekends at HV. It is definitely worth the drive if you're looking for more interesting skiing... Especially if you've not been there. It skis MUCH bigger than anything else near Cleveland. You can pick up a cheap motel ~15-20 minutes away. Some people might call HV crowded, but every time I went there it felt like I was all alone compared to BM. They have an excellent lift system and layout IMHO.
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