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Snow at Fernie

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Newfydog, hows the snow at Fernie? Heading North in another week.

Anyone, hows Ki cking Horse, Panorama, Lake Louise etc.?
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Pete, are you still planning on swinging by here?
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Snow in Fernie is great. Almost a 3 meter mid mt. snowpack now. Yesterday there was knee deep hero pow everywhere. It's been a relly good season so far.
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Freeheels said it well. It has been amazing, consistantly cold and deep. Probably about the best on the planet at the moment.
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Fernie BC

Thanks guys my good friend from Tahoe is coming up the 27th and we're heading north.

Sibhusky, I was going to contact you Yes definitely just don't know exactly when yet. I'll pm ya when I know more. Saw you're working on Weekends on another post so see if we can get there on a weekday. Looking forward to seeing you.

thanks all, Pete
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