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PNW Ski Crawl - The Trip Report

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You've read the meet on the hill, here is the report so far:
Pictures supplied by SkierJ, Narrative to follow.

Turns out Garryz does allegedly ski:

Bonni before the sleigh ride

Poaching Schweitzer, or at least skiing near the closed chair lifts

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skierJ was lucky to get pictures that good, the visibility was terrible, near white out up top, and freezing fog. :
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Uh CR, buddy, them ain't chairs!

And yer right---ain't poaching, just that the T-bar was closed. So we walked up, and up, and up some more!

Those three were all on that first run.

Edit, this is actually Jeff, I forgot change the login to me! I'll just finish this post as Bonni! and then fix it.

This was really nice snow, 3 or 4 inches of fresh on top of what felt like very nicely groomed. The run was not skied that day except by the three of us---I'd bet not too many went up there looking to hike very far for a blue cruiser!

(we missed the "Tbar closed sign") oops!
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PNW Crawl Ski Report

As pictures illustrate Schweitzer visibility was ok sometimes and bad sometimes. Nothing new for Schweitzer but a great place to ski. We (Slider, Mattitude and I) were treated very well by the Mountain. The snow was: Groomers: good packed, late in the day the 3 of us found a long groomer off of Stella Chair with 1 in of powder cream on it. Gladiator run in the trees was pretty decent on top. Had a good time other than Bonni's ugly injury.

The next day Slider, Mattitude and I went to Silver Mt. and had pretty good conditions, about 3-4 in of powder and some pretty decent face and tree skiing. I'll let them post the day as they have pictures etc. this was my first Epic Meet on the Hill and other than a really bad injury for Bonni I enjoyed the group and the skiing. I was a little worried about keeping up with Epic skiers but managed ok and I learned some good stuff too. It was a pleasure to take Slider and Mattitude around Silver Mt. and show some of the good off piste spots.
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This post reserved for PNW crawl pictures........Thanks to all the Bears for a great ski trip in Idaho and Pete and Mrs. Pete for putting us up in there beautiful home.
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Here are a few more.

This was supposed to show three tracks, L to R

GarryZ, Bonni, Skier_j

Couple of characters that crashed lunch, unnamed fellow and VA/Rasputin, GarryZ seated on left

Mattitude at lunch
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Slider resting between clinics on how to get some serious edge angles in dust on crust and following thru on the beer clinic he promised!

Pete No Idaho at lunch---proving once and for all that he had that shiner---BEFORE he helped load Bonni into the rescue sled!

and lastly, the only known photographic evidence of "he who cannot be named on the forum"
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PNW Ski Crawl

Slider where are all those pictures Mattitude took? Who's that guy at lunch, he that barged in and demanded more beer!
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Another S man

for Schweitzerman of course.

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A Great Time In Idaho

Hi all,
Back in Central Oregon after a great trip to Idaho. It was great skiing with the crew at Schweitzer and a special thanks to Pete No Idaho for showing Slider and I around Silver Mtn. and putting us up at his home! Best wishes to Bonnie on a speedy recovery. It was great meeting you all. Pictures coming soon.
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Greetings Barking Bears. First off I'd like to thank Mattitude for his time taking all these great ski shots. Can't say enough about Idaho Pete and his lovely wife for their hospitality. I was very impressed by the caliber of skiers at this Gathering. One more thing, I like he who cannot be named. I wish we had more shots of the Bears in action but they never stood still long enough.
Part of the crew on a ride up.

A couple of Bears at the watering hole.

Idaho Pete in his natural enviorment.

Ok so I had a little too much Apre'Ski.

A Skiers Dream.

As usual bring up the rear.

Silver Mt.,Id. Gondola

Sampling the goods at Silver.

I'll add more pictures soon.
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Nice shots, keep 'em coming.
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A few shots from the top of Silver Mt.

Look'n for the goods.

Sandpoint,Idaho Hospital Stats.

Idaho Pete.
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Trip Report

Good Pic's Mattitude, but you gave my secret away. We only have manmade groomed runs at Silver. Really nice hat Slider!!
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It looks like you guys had FUN!!! Lots of nice fluffy to play on, too!

What's with the blue haired old lady, though?
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How's my hair? I saw you at the Hospital Bonni but I would again like to offer my well wishes to you and a fast recovery. Have a safe trip home. That scared the @%$# out of all of us.
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Thanks for the well wishes, Slider. It means a lot to me to know you took the time to stop by.

This kind of thing can happen to anyone, anytime, but I don't think it's going to stop me from skiing. I can't wait for next year. I'll have a stronger leg, that's for sure! (How can I get steel for the other one before next season, hmmmmm)

I don't remember seeing you .. or anyone... at the hospital. I'm sorry.

I hope I didn't offend. I remember being pissed about them cutting off my clothes, but evidently didn't know who I was talking to, or if I was talking at all! The last thing I remember was being in the ambulance and wondering why the EMT couldn't find a vein to start the IV. Hell, I would have opened one up with my teeth for him if he wanted.
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PNW Crawl

Bonni, nice to see you back on Epic. You really gave us all a scare. Slider, Mattitude and I visited you in the hospital but you were experiencing the real reason those drugs were invented. Keep your spirits up we're all cheering for you. Have a safe trip home.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
(How can I get steel for the other one before next season, hmmmmm)
Hmmmm, steel legs.........it could be the next step beyond steel skis......

May your healing be rapid to the point of causing your doctors to feel bewildered. It was excruciating to hear your, um, expression of how you really felt about this experience. May your volume at the outset correspond to the completeness of your healing.
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Was I a little LOUD? Sorry. I'm not one to keep in feelings.
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Crystal Mt Sunday

We haven't had snow for a while, its been sunny and either frozen, or warm enough for spring - like conditions, or in -between. View from where I ate lunch.
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Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Was I a little LOUD? Sorry. I'm not one to keep in feelings.
You handled it perfectly. Anyone who doesn't scream in agony when they've had a compound fracture, is posing at an oddly chosen time.
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