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Learning the common terminology of a craft is an important part of learning the craft. Do you want to speak as an intelligent enthusiast of the sport, with other intelligent enthusiasts of the sport, in a manner in which you can understand and be understood as you interact? Or would you rather stumble and struggle in your attempts to discuss and comprehend simple technical concepts?

Activity specific terminology is designed to simplify communication and learning, not complicate it. It provides single terms to describe multi elemental concepts that would require repeated long winded explanations each time referred to if not for the existence of a neat and tidy term.

Instructors/coaches should make terminology education part of their on snow teaching. It's not at all hard to sneak in jargon here and there with students when appropriate, then explain what the term means. This type of terminology education will make future learning much easier for a student. It provides valuable knowledge your students will carry and benefit from for the rest of their years of involvement in the sport.

The same thing should happen here at Epic. You professionals, don't shy away from using terminology/jargon when posting as Lars suggests. Use the terms, but always do so with the idea your reading audience consists of neophyte skiers who need to be educated as to what the terms you're using mean. Throw the terms out there where they apply, followed by a detailed explanation of what the term you just used means. And not just once. Remember, we all don't have total recall of what we read. Not everything will sink in the first time it's heard. Second reminders are always nice.

Seem like a lot of effort to go to? It is. But ask yourself; what is your purpose in posting? Are you coming here to educate? Then do so. Don't just throw around terms as though every reader has the technical knowledge and background you do. If you do that, the time you spend here will be less productive than it could, because your message will be lost to all but those who least need to hear it.

Finally,,, inventing new terms to describe old concepts for which terms already exist serves only the inventor.