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Newbie needs ski recommendation - my head is spinning!

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Hi All,

I just stumbed across this forum and WOW! There's a lot of great info here! I'm hoping that a few of you might be able to help me out picking a set of skis. I guess I've finally gotten sick of paying rental fees and have decided to bite the bullet and buy my own gear.

I'd say that I'm a Level 7/8 skier and always ski here in the Northeast (Sugarloaf & Sunday River Maine). The conditions are usually packed powder or groomed trails. I'm looking for an all mountain ski as I spend most of my time on blues and blacks with the occasional double black thrown in.

I'm a 28 yo guy and fairly short at 5'3" and weigh 130#. I've never owned a pair of skis before, I've always rented and found that gear to be fine. I've got a feeling though that the rental gear may be holding me back on the blacks...

In order to save some cash I'm hoping to find some '06 leftovers that would be a good fit for me. Right now I'm considering some K2 omni 5.5's but I'd like to get the input from those of you here. Any ideas? I never knew how many options there were out there! :

Thanks in advance!
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As an Eastern skier, go for a strong carver, Volkl, Atomic or Head. All three handle hard pack very well, keep dexterity in mind. If you are an "8", that's an all mountain hard core skier in my book! Of the skis I know, look into the Head Monster iM series, Atomic Sweet Daddy, maybe a Snoop (perhaps the Metron 10 or 11), Rossignol B3, Volkl Ac3 or AC4 (this is a handful but a good strong ski). Actually, at your size and weight, I have seen some excellent deals on last years Atomic M ex with Neox 412 bindings (that's an excellent ski!). I would stay away from the "fatty" and "twin tip" skis because of their limitations, or better suitability to back country, softer snow, and pipe applications. Anyway, if you can ski the steeps back east well, you can ski pow on a set of 207 VR 27's!! Excluding the joke, that's my $.02 worth, hope it helps! Oh, every ski mentioned will deffinately ski the pow, the AC4 being the most demanding/(perhaps rewarding)!
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$20 will get you access to realskiers.com reviews that will help you match up with the right ski. RX8 is great, but not likely to be found in the left-over pile. SX11 if you're an 8. Salomon Equipe SC or Rossi 9S or VS Oversize for short turns if your a 7 or above. Head supershape (good luck getting a deal on that). Head 1200 SW maybe. Are you looking for long, medium or short turns?
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Here is a link to a ski that I think would be a great choice. This is an 05-06 model and one of the better mid priced carvers that I have ever skied on.

This link is to a commercial site that I am affiliated with.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's nice to have a few paticular models to investigate rather than hundreds!

Based on Pinarello57's description I'm probably a strong level 7 skier, I'm not sure I'd go as far as saying that I'm an "all mountain hard core skier" at this point. And for turn radius, I probably favor medium turns...

One other thing, based on my height and weight (5'-3", 130#) I'm looking for a set of skis in the 155cm to 160cm range. Does this sound about right? I noticed that's the length that most of those labove inks pointed to so I think I'm heading in the right direction with 155-160

Thanks again!
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160 (ish) sounds about right depending a little bit upon the ski.

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I've got the SUV 12.1's that SierraJim linked to. I'm a beginner - less than 10 days of skiing - but I love to learn and I've got decent athleticism. I took a lesson on my first day out and was very comfortable turning and J/hockey stopping by the end. To that end, I've begun to get a feel for carving but can skid turn with the best of them :- )! I don't venture onto double diamond runs but am fine skiing single diamond runs at Kirkwood. I've crashed a few times (OK, maybe a few more than a few) at speed..... :- O!

I'm male and 160 pounds. I wound up with 160 length....and couldn't tell you if it is too short since the only other things I've skiied were some rentals. I find that they are A LOT of work when skiing slowly down steeper terrain - I try and stay uphill of my 8 yr old. At faster speeds, they are stable and comfortable and not much work - except when I CRASH! If you want a ski that is more comfortable at lower and moderate speeds, I'd probably look elsewhere. At good speeds, the ski isn't much work...except when I'm continually slowing myself down - terrain, slower skiiers in front, caught up to my son, losing control of myself...yadda yadda yadda. I'd wager 'losing control of myself' happens a lot more than I admit ;- ).
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Originally Posted by tsproul
I'm a beginner - less than 10 days of skiing [...] If you want a ski that is more comfortable at lower and moderate speeds, I'd probably look elsewhere.
Don't you think you should wait till you've got at least 15 or 20 days under your belt before you start making ski recommendations?:
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Ok guys, so I think I've come to a preliminary decision. I did some research based on the ideas you guys gave and am now thinking of the Metron 11's. I considered the Metron EX's, but I think that ski may be a bit too stiff for my weight/abilities. To Volkl AC3's were tempting, but I couldn't find any of those in my price range.

There look to be some pretty good deals on the '06 M11's with Neox bindings on E-Bay ($354). So what do you guys think?

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Elan Magfire 8. Great ski with full vertical sidewalls, slightly wider waist (75mm), and fully integrated binding for much less than the equivalents from Atomic, Volkl, or Nordica. Brand new '06-07 ski should run you >$600 with binding.
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160's...Demo...Real Skiers...

howdy, kidz,

160 length will be just fine...a rule of thumb for length...no higher than the tip of your nose, no lower than your chin.

demo cubed!!! wait till you've done your home work, make a list & find out who/where the demos are...

join real skiers for the best evaluations next to epic (become an epic supporter, as well) & read the reviews on www.skiworldpress.com

you do not mention if you've gotten an excellent pair of boots...you can have the best skis but wo good boots which fit properly w an orthodic/footbed, you'll never know how good the skis are.

and when you do go shoppin'...keep in mind, you'll be gettin' better every season, so look at gear you can 'grow' into, not for where you are now, a?!

...and please, please...every one...take the few minutes necessary to fill out your profile so we all can see who/what/where...:

thx, boyz & gurlz,

bruce marks
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