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Bindings Q - Flow vs. Standard Strap - Page 2

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I often kick my board edge into the snow to create a flat platform when using step in bindings. Just set up across the fall line and kick either toe or heel edge in per your preference.

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^^^ Excellent advice!
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Originally Posted by SnowboardVicky View Post

Putting them on takes a bit of practice, or at least it did for me. I need to improve my balance standing up whilst trying to push the back of the binding down and sliding the foot in all in one go!
I have several tweaks I do to all of my Flows. To fix the above, you can tighten the hinge nut to where there is enough friction to hold the highback down. It should stay down for boot in. If the adjustment, (friction), loosens in a few days get an extra stainless steel washer to go under each nut.

Everything else already said, first day with adjustments could be tough, a demo day would be ideal IF a real good Flow tech is on staff. Some shop techs have no experience with Flows.

I will save my best tweak for later, customers are waiting.
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Thanks for that suggestion.
The season is now over for me until next January (all booked for Jasper), so I have plenty of time to get the board out of its bag and 'play' with some of the settings.
Certainly if I can get the back to stay down, rather than popping back up, it'll will probably solve all my problems (apart from black run mogels!)
Role on next season.
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i love them they stay firm i have flow m-9s i used to have straps then i tried these and wont switch back i have had mine for a year and a half and i ride hard so great binding
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