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I am 190 bls, 6', ex-racer and instructor. My skis, the ones I've kept other than my race skis, Dynamic VR 27's, 204cm, are an Atomic R ex 184 (all around fave, and go to ski), Salomon xtra hot 185, and a new Rossignol Scratch BC 178cm, currently selling (?) only have 2 hours on them. I'm looking for a great powder ski that will hold the hard pack and handle tight trees and shoots. My skiing style is more forward, start to mid (old race type) than static mid (new style). Much better in technique these days than power. The Atomics work very well for me, I ski them .5cm forward 95% of the time, to mid for high speed cranking (614R adjustable binding). I am looking at the Volkl Montra and Gotama, Atomic Snoop, Gun Lab of last year, and your suggestions? The one thing I don't like about the Salomon skis are their hard snow chatter (hurts my knees and my jaw). Unlike most on threads, I do not have trouble turning the R ex's, their just a little fast and critical (stiff) in tight "no mistake" areas! The Rossi's I have seem, perhaps, a little soft and rounded in turn profile for my style, but I have not skied them much because I am thinking of selling them? I have them listed for $500 with the Axial 2 Pro 140 bindings, they are as new if interested.

Thanks for your help!