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I'm off...

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Skiing of coarse. Fernie got 25cm overnight, 31cm in the last 24 and 48cm in the last 48hrs....and it's still coming down, what a great weekend it will be. I hear the avy guns going off now as I type this. I think today will be a Gotama day

Any of you guys who are planning a trip here this year made the right decision. Fernie's mid mountain snow pack is quickly approaching the 3 meter mark, which is awsome for mid Jan.

Have a good day everyone. I'd love to stay and chat, but I have an appointment with the Griz.
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sounds awesome, I plan on hitting the area around the 25th, hopefully the snow keeps coming!
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It was a fine day. Pretty much knee deep everywhere. But man was it crowded, the masses were here. Word is out about Fernie I guess....largely due to guys like me with who can't keep their damn traps shut
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