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Dolomite boots - liner too narrow?

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I just bought my husband a pair of Dolomite Rage X8 boots, along with a used demo pair of 172 cm Dynastar Legend 8000 skis. He's 6 foot, 165 lb, and pretty fit. We can return them, but they were a good price and I had read that Dolomite boots have a reasonably wide fit. I have custom fit boots (high instep, pronate), but DH was adamant that he doesn't want to spend a lot of money, since these days we are mainly skiing easy stuff with our kids. DH is a pretty good skier and skis black runs comfortably, but has always skied in rental skis and boots. We both took a break from skiing for about 8 years, but started again last year and will probably be skiing more now that we have friends with a house in Tahoe. He doesn't tend to pronate or have problems with foot pain. My husband has a moderately wide forefoot, although not wide enough to require wide shoes. I pulled the liners out so we could check the shell fit, and he can fit about two fingers behind and the instep and calf fit seem fine. The only thing that seems a bit off is that the liner seems to be a little narrow in the forefoot and is putting pressure on the side of the foot, and I'm not sure how much they will stretch. Any suggestions?
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They will pack-out considerably after a few days.

How much "pain" is he feeling after wearing the boots for an hour?
If it's more of a discomfort rather than real pain, I'd just ski them and see.
You can always take them to a good bootfitter and have them stretch the liner and/or punch the boots if necessary.
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Originally Posted by memosteve View Post
They will pack-out considerably after a few days.
Too true. Including at the heel.
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Before you go too far down this road, redo the shell check and this time have him check for side to side room in the forefoot area. If he has a little width in the shell (say 1/8" side to side) then he should be OK. OTH if his foot is hard against the shell on both sides at the same time, then shell work is called for and liner work will not likely help.

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sounds like sking them for a day it should be fine.

boots are a size too big I think (2 fing)

you can make a small boot bigger, but not a big boot smaller
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Try Wearing

If you don't want to heat mold the boots and you want to see if they will fit better after they have packed in a bit you can always try this method. Have your husband wear the boot for four hours a night for about two weeks before he skis in them. (I usually do this in the evening while watching TV, you should see the cat scoot when I have to take a leak.) This actually will cause the boot to pack in to pretty much a similar extent as if you had baked the liners. I do this because I think heat molding causes the liners to pack in faster. He will know at the end of the two weeks if the boots fit, or whether he will need to have more work done. If you use this method and they don't fit he can always return them. If you bake the liners most places will not accept the boots as a return.
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