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Backcountry Ruckus

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A grass-roots backcountry festival is happening in Nelson, BC in February complete with clinics, demos, Tele Races, Randonee Rally, slide shows, movies, parties and lots deep powder skiing. I'm not working for anyone, I'm just trying to get the word out about this cool event in my backyard.

I'm racing in the Randonee Rally, and would like to see a big turnout for the race. I think events like this are the future of Ski Mountaineering Races. The sport is all about getting the backcountry community together, and why not have a big party while we're at it.

The list of pros giving the clinics is pretty impressive. Steep Skiing with Eric Pehota, Andrew McLean, and Maegan Carney. Touring clinics are led by the likes of Greg Hill, Pete Swenson and Martin Volken, while the freeheel crew will be represented by Nils Larsen, Naheed Henderson and lots of others.

If anyone is interested in trying their first Ski Mountaineering Race there is good information on this website: http://www.ussma.org/, or email me at scoldiron@spokanefire.org with questions.

Let's get out and support this festival! Their website is: http://www.mountaingear.com/coldsmoke/Festival.aspx
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Sound very cool. People in Nelson are very savy backcountry users. I haven't been there for years but it sounds like the culture hasn't changed much. I ran in to an old friend today who now lives in Nelson, he's been getting right into the touring seen there the last couple years, I'm gonna head there soon and hook up with him. Looks good on you guys Coldiron hope it's a blast. Tour on brother!
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Please tell me this is going to be an annual thing!

Sounds just great. Wish I could be there.
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Yeah, I would love to see this turn into an annual event too. I think it will if enough people show up. I don't think it's a question of making a profit, but more whether the sponsors lose their ass or not. I talked to one of the promoters for this event, and he says they usually end up losing a fair bit of coin on similar events. Props to Mountain Gear, Arcteryx and many others in the industry that are willing to put back into the community some of what they profit.
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