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I got out for the first time in a few years due to complex issues getting in the way. Around 1/2 the resort was open to ski, they are making snow for the other areas still. On the plus side we've had a good 4~5 inches of fresh snow and conditions were soft packed fresh snow. No hardpack except on the steepest hill which had been windblown and had some chuncks of ice. There were pockets of 6~8inch chopped up piles of snow trying to be moguls on other hills. I went with a friend and he went skiing with 1 ski for a while and switching the ski to the other leg every other run or two.

Downsides...I now know why people dislike snowboarders...especially ones that straightline and think you are the one at fault for them crashing into you...: First time in years back skiing and a boarder hit me when I was making nice even carving S turns. Not large and hogging up the hill, atleast I was skiing fast enough the impact was more of a push on my boots and I lost my edge lowsiding/skidding and getting a facefull of snow. By then I had regained my ski legs and decided to ski faster and keep my distance that way. All in all a good night out skiing, and I learned some things first hand,sometimes you get blindsided.Thats another good reason for wearing a helmet and they are so warm Anyways, I tried to keep my trip report short and informative.