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Aside from your HomeMountain, are there ski spots you make a point of hitting each year (either out of convenience or choice, or both)?

-Gaper Jones

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I try to get a long weekend in at Jackson Hole every year. Every season, I meet old high school friends who now live in Colorado at their home resort that year, which is usually Winter Park, for a few days. They hit Alta and Snowbird with me for a few days (this year longer due to the Olympics), and we meet up in Jackson for a few days.
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Most years we like to get in a week at Mt Batchelor, OR. This year, we scored several days in CO and elsewhere in OR instead due to business travel that put me in Denver or Portland for a week each.
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Mt. Bachelor
Crystal Mountain
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Each year in late november my race team takes a trip to Windham Mountain in New York for 3 days. This is usually the first turns of the season for us here in south PA. We rent out a big house and party throughout the weekend. It's awesome.
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Last season:

More Iowa
Mt. Bachelor [img]smile.gif[/img]

Upcoming season:

Wisconsin [img]smile.gif[/img]
tah with a side trip to Washington: PRICELESS
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For about 8 straight years, I went to Mt Snow in Decemeber, because that's where an event was held that I like to attend. But last year they moved it to Killington, so I'll probably be skiing at Killington a bit more often. For big trips out west, I've become hooked on Whistler. But I only get one big trip a year (if that).
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Have 2 home mountains about 4-5 hours apart... Does that count?

Will do a few trips to Hotham this year with friends & also to Perisher Blue(Oh well I need traversing practice)
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aside from home usually try Verbier & Chamonix, which are both easy to get to from Geneva.
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Made it to Targhee, once in mid season, and thier last weekend for skiing, condtions were awesome.
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Aspen Highlands.
definately opening day & maybe more.

edit-snowbasin for sure & it is not my home mountain even thoough it is 45 minutes away

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Oh, I love Aspen Highlands too! I like to hike up the ridge to the very back and do the last run in the ski area. What is it called, Ozone?

I also like to go to Wolf Creek and to Steamboat.
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There's no place like home, There's no place like home...

I still enjoy getting home to Tahoe once in awhile. Bear Valley and Kirkwood. Not the biggest, not the fastest lifts, but both have very cool skiing!

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Of course, living in Seattle, it's not that far to go, but still about a 5 hour drive for me. Made it there 3 times this year and will get my 4th in about a month when I head to camp.

I would like to say Tahoe, but know I won't make that every year...

Snowy :
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Not really sure which mountain we call home. Whistler I guess, as we get more days there than the others, but its pretty much a split between Mt. Baker, Hemlock Valley, Grouse Mountain, and Cypress Bowl.

We always try to get an overnight trip or two to Sun Peaks, Big White or Apex, all in the BC interior. Manning Park is small, but a nice day trip, and closer than the 3hr drive to Whistler.
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Verbier for me as well because it's a short drive from Geneva. Also I've found a hotel I like - les Rois Mages.

IceKing - perhaps that makes Verbier or Chamonix our home resort & hence doesn't count?
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