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Ski Diva! Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday Ski Diva. You have been a blessing in my life and I hope you get the snow you wished for, on your special day!
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Well happy birthday
even if you won't let the testosterone impaired post on your web site. :
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You mean estrogen impaired?

Happy birthday Ski Diva!
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Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!! You have become a great friend and we look forward to skiing with you and Jon again soon..

Phil (for Lola too)
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Thanks for your good wishes, all!

I've been out of touch all day so forgive me for responding so late.

Understand that Ullr has finally granted my birthday wish for snow in Vermont! Unfortunately, I can't be there this weekend to enjoy it.

Take a run for me, Phil.
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Originally Posted by Ski Diva View Post
I've been out of touch all day ...
Just all day??????:
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You got me there!
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