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Elan SCX R?

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Hi! Newbie here. I'm looking for a good used pair of cut skis to replace my old straight ones, and I may have found one. The question is this: are they any good? They're Elan SCX R skis with Tyrolia SL 100 bindings. I'm a pretty advanced skier...I love to ski black diamonds and I welcome the challenge of double blacks, but I wouldn't consider myself an "expert."

So are these skis OK for me? Thanks in advance for the help!
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There are Elans in the SCX series that are wonderful expert skis - however the SCX R's are designed to be a more forgiving introductory rental ski. You might have a great time on them in soft snow, but you could find in firmer conditions and/or changable terrain that they might not have the beef to them that you would like. If they are dirt cheap you could grab them and take them on the groomers to get an introduction to the world of shaped skis, but if they cost anything at all you might want to look for something more aggressive.
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Thanks. I don't ski too aggressively, but I'm concerned about the firmer conditions. These particular skis aren't dirt cheap, but they're a pretty decent price for skis that have never been used. (They're on Ebay for $180 right now, poles and bindings included.) So it looks like I won't be getting them. Another brand and model I was looking at was the Dynastar Max L. I've heard some very good reviews of these, especially for intermediate-advanced skiers. Can anyone elaborate?

Also, any suggestions on other good skis for me? I'm looking for older, slightly used models because I'm on a college student's budget. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I don't know the Max L well. Skis being sold by non-serious/pro skiers usually are radically overpriced. They simply have no concept of how quickly the technology devalues, even if in perfect condition. Looking at skis on eBay I generally find the prices laughable! You might want to talk to some shops about any demos they want to get rid of, or chat with some instructors next time you are up on your local hill and ask them what used boards are for sale. In our instructors locker room there are always tons of skis in great shape sitting around with cheap price stickers on them, since many pros get new gear every season.
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Thanks again. I thought Ebay would have good prices, but maybe the ski shop back at home will have something better. I really appreciate your help, since I'm new at this! My last pair of skis were a Christmas gift from my parents, so I've never bought any myself.
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