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where should i go and how should i do it

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inspired by paedde's unbelievable ski safari last march (what kind of luck is involved in picking one of the best snow months in the last 10 years for a trip like that), i requested 2 and half weeks off work for late feb, early march. (the most i can reasonable take off work).
Now the tough part--how and when (how close to the date) should i decide where to go? I want steep and deep, obviously--especially the deep. i don't want to pray for snow, i want to go to snow.
Couple other factors:
1. i have a season pass at kirkwood, so obviously all else being equal i want to ski there. but i don't want to go there for a week of skiing in the sun.
2. i probably have to plan the last week of the trip as i'm gonna meet my family somewhere. so i can't just play it totally by ear.
3. even though i live in ny, my skis are currently in SF. so i probably need to start there.

What should i do? what would you do? when should i plan out some details. should i just rent a car in sf and drive to where the snow is (if it was right now i guess i would head to BC).

any advice appreciated. i just want to have a great couple weeks where i can really pretend i'm a ski bum.
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Personally, I would rent a car and head to BC (as you noted).
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driving to bc and being a ski bum for 2 weeks sounds pretty damn sweet to me.
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i guess the problem is what if i plan to be up there with my family just as the storms are slamming california and utah.
what's the best approach to deciding more last minute?
seems like at 2 or 3 weeks out i would still not really know...guess i'm just looking for tips on creative trip planning.
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PNW and Whistler if I had a choice.
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if you start in SF seems like the drive would be about the same no matter what no? if you are in SF and the storms are hitting california, then it would actually be closer to drive to to tahoe. and you could drive just as easily right on across nevada to utah as well. sf to vancouver is a long drive. the drive to utah would still be a couple hundred miles less than if you went up to whistler...
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Strategic thinking is called for!

As you already have, split the trip into two parts, but what are the goals- for the family - someplace that you can bet on packed powder groomers, sunshine and maybe some fresh.
Colorado, Utah, interior BC, Montana, anything else could be subject to wet heavies.
For the ski bum - go wherever its best, follow the snow- even if you have to go to SF and then fly to BC and rent a car, whatever, just go for it, and regardless of where you end up, you finish and meet the family at the designated place.
One last bit of advice, free advice but... Don't spend your ski safari skiing where you have a pass, go several places new and killer!
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