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Ski Recs

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Man, I must have been tired last night - I could've sworn I posted this query, but today I can't find it so maybe it was a dream...

Found some potential skis for my kid and wanted input. He's 5'11", 125 lbs, intermmediate, will ski motly, er, mostly, groomed runs, some powder and crud - likes to go in and out of the trees. This will be his first pair of skis and we don't want to get anything we can't afford to replace. does anyone have any input on the following:

Atomic ST11m 170cm or 160cm
Atomic SF11m 170cm or 160cm
Atomic SX7 170cm
Salomon Superaxe 800 168cm
Salomon XScream 9 169cm
Rossignol 9x World Cup 167cm
Salomon Equipe 10SC Pilot 165cm

Are used rental/demos pretty much worn out? How much would it cost to repair gouges in the base of a used pair of skis?

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sorry i cant comment on those, but take a look at the fischer rx8 or rx9. I got on my rx8's yesterday for the first time and they are one hell of a ski. Fun, playful, FAST, and love groomers and being on edge. Id give em a try before buying anything
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Salomon Equipe 10SC Pilot is an excellent carving ski. Instant turns on a dime, very forgiving, solid grip, stable up to about 45 mph, and fairly easy to flex too.
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For a kid at 125 pounds, I'd look for a used or remainder "all mountain" twin. Salomon 1080s. K2 PEs. Etc. Maybe in a 160 or so. Decent all around. Wide enough to play off piste in the trees - and turnable enough too. Plus he can play in the park... BTW - last time I looked, even new PEs were a deal. At his weight, you can probably go with a binding that tops out at 10. A quick look online showed a new pair of 04-05s available with binding for about 350 bucks. Might even be better deals to be had. Then replace them in a year if he grows...
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