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Advice for a second pair of skis - F1 speeds :-)

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Can you help my friend (girlie)... choose a second pair of skis mainly for fast skiing downhill on groomers. Here are the credentials:
  • Female, 1.68m (5'6'') , 69kg (152 lbs) , 25 (well that's what she admits too :-)) yrs
  • Advanced skier but not getting enough slope time enjoying nice long wide groomers and tougher slopes with stiffer (longer) skis, I would really skiing basically straight down as fast as possible.
Her current skis are Rossignal Bandits (Woman's model but not sure the exact model) and great for easy riding but she just can't keep up with my RX8s

The skis and the slopes are weel groomed and not that soft usually.

Her previous were Rossignol Challenger S - they were great!

Her current rossignol bandits apparently don't feel reliable as soon as she gets into the steep, or if it get's icy or if she starts picking up speed.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
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My knowledge is a little dated, but an SX11 would be great for what you describe. Has she tried your skis?
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She hasn't tried the RX8 yet but there will be an opportunity to try them next weekend.

We are located in Finland so demo-ing is difficult here
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K2 Burnin Luv?
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
K2 Burnin Luv?
I haven't tried them yet, but I believe Trekchick said they have a definite speed limit.

Based on my demos this year, I'd recommend:
Volkl AC2 or AC3: I found the Attiva AC2 to be rock solid even though I demoed it 1-2 sizes too short.
Rossignol Zenith Z9: Never found a speed limit or any weakness in this ski, it carves up a storm, is steady at speed, and is still wide enough to venture into fluff and crud.
Nordica Olympia Speed: A zippy, peppy carver that just loves speed.

You can view my reviews here:
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Ski length question

How long should she go with skis. Modern day carving skis are generally shorter than the older style skis, but can anyone recommend a range for her height/weight/ability (5'6"/152 lbs/advanced)?
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Elan GSX race stock with a flexing plate (Railflex, Piston ect.). Works wonders for me, and I don't even have to turn if I don't want to! 176cm is the shortest length available. For those speeds, a race ski (GS or longer) is the best way to go.
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Take her out for a demo day date. Let her try a bunch of skis in different lengths. Buy the one that puts the biggest grin on her face.
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165 cm should do it. An SX11 will go as fast as or faster than an RX8. It will not make as nice short turns, but will not be as compromised there as would a GS or SG ski.
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