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VIST Plate Remounting

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I have a pair of Head slalom skis from a few years back with the solid VIST WC plate. I'm having thoughts of retiring those skis and moving the plates to a pair of SG's. So are the VIST plates readily remountable? I'm wasn't sure because of the gooey tape and stuff underneath.
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If you can't get replacement VIST gooey tape, you can improvise with weatherstrip adhesive.
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Your bigger problem may be finding someone with a VIST jig. Also it isn't necessary to glue the plate down.
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Race510 has a good point. VIST jigs are few and far between. There are a few good race shops that either have the jogs or can do a very good job freehanding the mounting job for them. Regarding the adhesive under the plate - I have heard that adding it and removing it changes the flex characteristics of the ski/plate. I do not know how much truth there is to that, but it does make sense. Depending on your preference you may choose to leave the adhesive off the plate.
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Free handing is made easier with a wideish Look/Rossi TT jig- it has at least two holes at the heel that match up laterally, so you only need set the longitudinal position.

Longitudinal position is easy: use the plate itself to mark up masking tape set across the ski. The problem is thus reduced to finding a long-tip Sharpie or equivalent.
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Heluvaskier is correct that gluing the plate changes its characteristics. How much I can't say. Although I sell the plates I've never done a back to back comparison of glued and unglued.

If you freehand remember that only four of the holes are fixed position and the other four are sliders. If you don't get the slider holes in the correct position you can dramatically alter the flex and camber of your ski.
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There are even different gluey tapes. But personally I don't know really.
My dealer told me to exchange it every 3-4 years as the tape breaks down. You can see it when the end and beginning do not stick to the ski any more (after 2 seasons this amounts to around 5cm each side) as the ski tries to bend against the plate.
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